&Other Stories: Secret Haven



If there is magic in the world, it’s contained in water. For water can wash away your worries, sins and make you come to peace again. But water alone won’t do the trick anymore, once you’ve had Secret Haven touch your skin. I can not tell you enough how happy I am &Other Stories is coming to Belgium. Granted, their clothes & shoes are amazing… but I think I’m more of a cosmetics fan, although I’m not a beauty blogger. I bought this Bath & Body wash and Scrub in London, back in February. The scent gave me a special feeling, an instant safe feeling, as if I’m being held in a haven, away from reality and all its bad things. Ah, how I love my Secret Haven showers these days! On top of the scent, I’m in love with the packaging and the fact that you can recycle the bottles in stores.

Sweet wishes, A.

A war inside my core





When it sings, when it lies, when it cheats, when it bribes. There is a war inside my core. I hear it fight, I hear it roar

Working, working out. You’ve probably read all about the #changeforthebetter campaign a few days ago. Well, working out isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to. I’ve been drawn to dark clothing lately and I tend to buy and put together darker outfits. Either I go totally Dark Knight on everybody, or I combine my colourless outfit with my new cream coloured H&M trenchcoat (it’s absolutely gorgeous!). This outfit is quite on the dark side though, ready to fight the war inside my core (just some sore muscles)! This coat was a gift by friend J for my birthday. I’ve been carrying it ever since, even though I wasn’t always sure if long coats would fit my height. I threw on my fav pair of ankle boots and the problem was fixed, with a chique cherry on top, I might add.

#Changeforthebetter – That body


Hey y’all! You might be wondering what I’m up to lately. Well, it’s all about work to be honest. I’ve been working my ass off at my new job (which I absolutely love!) and working out before or after, depending on my work schedule. I started working on my abs and legs on Christmas day and trained every single day. I definitely felt and saw the result but I was a bit to greedy and I tore a muscle. That led to extreme pains and I couldn’t sleep in a normal position. So I had to let my abs in the cold for a few weeks. I did take up running again, just to keep my body moving.

The day before yesterday, I trained my abs again and I hardly felt that one muscle that held me back for weeks. So, I’m back on track, woot woot! These pictures keep me going, although I can never get the exact same body as these pretty ladies. You actually should never want someone else’s body… you should want your body to be as healthy and fit as theirs. At least, that’s what keeps me motivated!

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