12 hours in Brussels

You’d think having half a month of jobless days, gives you more time to blog. Well, if that month is the last one before leaving for the other side of the world (read: Australia), forget it. Granted, I’ve had a few hours of doing absolutely nothing but I have had a lot of busy days too. When I wasn’t running from my doctor’s appointments to the bank and back to the health care office… I also met up with a few friends I wouldn’t be seeing at my goodbye party. One of those friends is my dear Renee.

Renee and I met back in 2013 when we were both doing our internship at Marie Claire Netherlands. I was always jealous of here because she was in the Graphic Design team, whereas I was responsible for the online articles, which I loved doing as well. Renee and I met up again that same year, when she came to Brussels to attend the Robbie Williams concert. From that day on, we had some sort of arrangement to meet each other every half year. Well, the arrangement somewhat happened and we kept doing everything to make it happen. As we did now. After I visited Renee in Rotterdam back in August, she took the train to visit me.

She made a vlog about the whole trip and I’m really amazed by her skills! She’s not only an awesome Graphic Designer, she also makes the best vlogs, will be an amazing photographer and she’s the best of friends you can wish for! Thank you for this awesome gift bae <3

Video in Dutch / Made & Edited by Renee Jacky M.

The Fashion Folio is moving…

The secret’s out: the BIG move is about to happen… I’m moving to Australia in exactly one month! I decided some time ago that I still wanted to study something and preferably abroad, when my dad came with this ridiculously good idea of moving to Aussie. At first, I thought he was kidding… And I actually think he was up until the moment that I decided I was actually going for it. I’m a real goal digger, for that matter. I’ll be studying Graphic Design (letters, typography, yay!) at Shillington College and I’ll also work here and there… But most importantly: I’m going to live the Melbourne life and I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it.

I’ll also be travelling around whenever I can and I’ll definitely keep you updated of my every move in the land Down Under. I can’t wait to add more sun to my Instagram and to share all of my discoveries with you, here on the blog.

Now, let’s pack my bags… the most difficult of all tasks, if you ask me!

Video by Winny Man / Wearing full H&M outfit & The Fashion Folio for Sacha shoes

The Very Last of 2014





This last month has been super busy, to say the least. Not only was this weird, in between year, coming to and end… my job at Brussels Airport was too. Although I might have only worked there for 10 months, I really learned a lot and got to know so many interesting (and also a bit weird) people. 2014 in between? Well, you’ll  find out what I mean by that soon enough. I’ve been keeping this a secret from you for a very long time now and some of you might have heard already but I still want to keep it a surprise as long as possible. It’s gonna be big and I hope you’ll still be by my side no matter what.

Happy 2015 lovelies, see you next year <3

Ph by Birgit Vrydag