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For those of you who are fed up with huge crowds in your favorite stores, there’s a solution. Did you ever considered shopping online? Or more specifically: shopping online with discount? Not to worry, my little friends. I’m an online shop newbie as well. I have it on good authority that my fellow bloggers aren’t and they receive packages every week or so (you crazy gals).

I, on the other hand, am not familiar with the scene. I do my occasional browsing here and there but actually buying stuff never seems to happen. Meanwhile, it’s my trump to make wish lists. As you can see above, I’m in need of a few basics like a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, a full skater skirt and some jumpers. Finding these items isn’t that hard – I’m not that kind of a newbie – but finding them with discount, even though sale season isn’t currently going on, that’s what I’m looking for!

One website with a thousand discounts… how does that sound? I thought it was pretty awesome and for people that aren’t familiar with each and every webshop and their discounts, this kind of medium would be perfect. offers this service, even beyond fashion. A weekend away for two, you’ll find it here. Or free delivery on the online Mexx store? No hay problema amigas, is there to let you know.

Browse the website through category, brands, products or daily offers and find amazing deals. Enough shopping? Read the blog to find out more about e-commerce or to win some goodies through the giveaways. The thing that trumps all of the above: the website exists in 7 different countries. So all you Americans or Españoles, you know where to go ;-)