Valentine tip: Pauker cases

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I’ve been getting Valentine emails with tips, tricks and gift guides since November already but I spared you the madness until now. Seven more days left until you can send that little love note, buy that gorgeous bouquet of flowers and tell your lovah lovah how much you love him/her. But Valentine’s isn’t just about your hubby, wifey, bf or gf. I think it’s just a day where you show your loved ones what they mean to you. So go get your best friend or grandmother something nice too, they deserve it!

Oh but you don’t know what to buy? Well, I would really love one of these Pauker iPhone cases for example. Their new collection consists of a few Valentine cases and if I could choose one, I think I’d pick the Infinity love sign! Why? Because it reminds me of Emily’s tat in Revenge and because it’s just simple and beautiful at the same time. Think it fits better with the sleek design of my iPhone 5. So hurry hurry and buy someone nice, something even nicer for only €29,99.

Which one would you prefer?