Si tu as un rêve…


Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger. Tu verras que les gens incapables d’y arriver feront tout pour te décourager. Si tu veux vraiment quelque chose, t’as qu’à te battre, point-barre.

When I first spotted this Mya Bay bangle bracelet around Dogs & Dresses‘ wrist, I knew… I had to have it! ‘Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger et te battre‘ is what it says, an excerpt of a quote in The Pursuit of Happiness (the 2006 Will & Jaden Smith movie). As I probably told you all a thousand times before, I’ve always been one to follow my dreams and do whatever to reach my goals. Okay, not whatever but you get the point, right? You can probably imagine how happy I was to receive the bracelet as an early Christmas gift! I’ve been wearing it ever since and I doubt it’ll ever leave my wrist.

Thank you so much Mya Bay & E. ^^

New favourite fragrance: Loverdose Tattoo




A new scent and a new haircut, I must be entering a new phase in life. You’ve already seen the new cut, now it’s time for you to meet my new fragrance. Diesel’s newest Loverdose (delirious love) Tattoo (symbol of power) is a sensual & strong scent for indepent women. As they were presenting us the campaign, I was totally sold by the concept. They talked about tattoos and skin art and how it has evolved over the years. As you know, I’m a big fan of tattoos myself (I’ve got two) so I was all ears on this one. In between the convincing presentation, I could smell something delicious. I said to myself: if this is the new perfume, I WANT IT NOW! Lucky for me, it was indeed the newest addition to the Diesel fragrances and I got to take it home with me. My new everyday fragrance has arrived!

Beauty and a Beat

Show you off. Tonight I wanna show you off. Can’t really help but to match Justin’s new hit song to my life. All I need is a beauty and a beat to make my life complete And while Justin remains with a beat only – hears fans crying of happiness – I got both to brag about. Behold the newest members of my little tech family: iPhone 5 and Xmini. Oh no, am I really combining the best phone ever made with sound beyond size? YES, I am, folks. Call me an Apple fan girl, but this right here is the best thing out there and although that little red ball of magic is small, it sure as hell plays very very loud!

Feeling its body rock is one thing but connecting the music from your iPod to an Xmini will definitely make you party like it’s 3012 tonightthe song’s not over yetand show you all the finer things in life. Connect these babies… and it’s all about you, when the music makes you move… Baby do it like you do…

Ha, enough Biebz, enough! Let’s talk about the Xmini for a sec, shall we? For only 30 euros you can make yourself or someone else happy. It’s small and easy to take everywhere you need it to go. Plus, no need for those oldschool batteries! You can just recharge your Xmini by connecting it with your computer. If you feel like going even louder than the Xmini mono, there’s always Buddy Jack. Instead of one Xmini, you have two… More sound, more fun!

Xmini Speakers, I know you gonna hit me with that sound from meters
Sound’s out, cleaner, and I don’t gotta keep an eye out for Selena