#Changeforthebetter – That body


Hey y’all! You might be wondering what I’m up to lately. Well, it’s all about work to be honest. I’ve been working my ass off at my new job (which I absolutely love!) and working out before or after, depending on my work schedule. I started working on my abs and legs on Christmas day and trained every single day. I definitely felt and saw the result but I was a bit to greedy and I tore a muscle. That led to extreme pains and I couldn’t sleep in a normal position. So I had to let my abs in the cold for a few weeks. I did take up running again, just to keep my body moving.

The day before yesterday, I trained my abs again and I hardly felt that one muscle that held me back for weeks. So, I’m back on track, woot woot! These pictures keep me going, although I can never get the exact same body as these pretty ladies. You actually should never want someone else’s body… you should want your body to be as healthy and fit as theirs. At least, that’s what keeps me motivated!

Follow my steps in the #Changeforthebetter campaign here.

#Changeforthebetter – Update 2



In October, I started this pledge to #changeforthebetter. I went running few times a week, back when I still had all the time of the world. But then I got a job and realised life as a working woman is so not easy. I admire my mom for keeping up with her actual job and the job as a mother and a housewife. But anyway, since I finish working at around 5 pm, it’s way to dark to head into the woods and go for a run. I had to come up with something else… That’s when I realised I still had these different Zumba lessons on my laptop. So I decided to do one Zumba lesson at least 3 times a week. Doesn’t only make me feel better about myself but it’s so much fun! I’ve missed moving around, dancing, shaking my hips, haha. I used to dance when I was younger and I feel like starting again. Not really to perform in front of people but just to move and sweat like I’ve never done before!

So, it’s kind of obvious… I didn’t really take this pledge as serious as I had to. But now I kind of do. Still not a scales kind of girl but I do feel that this Flat Abs Workout is showing off slowly! Anyway, now I’m off to do about 3 hours of working out with the Cardio Party, Sculpt and Tone and the Flat Abs Workout of course.

Have a happy Sunday before Christmas y’all!!!

#Changeforthebetter – Update 1


Remember me taking a pledge? Well, I’m still working on it. I have to admit  I skipped a few running sessions but I’m definitely not quitting. I’m not really the scales kind of girl, meaning I don’t weigh myself every single day to see whether I lost a few pounds or not. So have I lost a few pounds? I don’t even know! I do feel better  and more fit than before. But starting a new job – nothing special, just to gain and save up money for my new goal – is interfering with my whole running schedule. I’ll have to go for runs around 5 pm but it’s almost dark by then. Although I see it as another challenge to keep changing for the better, I can’t deny this is going to be simple. Anyhow, how’s your pledge going?