#10: We were up all night for good fun


Unfortunately for my future husband, I did not learn how to cook in Amsterdam. What I did learn is how to enjoy life and party hard. I partied every weekend, all weekend. I’ve been drunk, I’ve experienced horrible hangovers… but I always enjoyed every bit of it. Amsterdam knows how to party and now I know too. I’ll probably won’t be going out much in Belgium but the plan is to move back to damsko in a year or so. Partying will be high on my list by then!

As you can see, it was very hard to fit three months of partying into one single post. That’s why today, you’ll be treated on a post consisting of two parts, woohoo. I dedicate this post to everyone who came by and partied with me, to Rembrandtplein for having such horrible clubs with shots that shouldn’t be called alcohol, to Chicago Social Club which is by far my favourite spot to go clubbing, to Amsterdam for making me the party animal that I am… but especially to Anne, for being my party partner in crime from the beginning. We’ve had our fair share of one-liners, (party) stories and funny pics. I’ll never forget the times we had but I’m sure there’s more to come!

On to part 2, shall we? (more…)

Amsterdam Diaries #9: Q-Night & Day


Ever since Q-day, I’ve been quite the forgetful girl. For example, I totally forgot to share this amazing experience with you guys! No fancy shmancy DLSR pictures but some good old iPhone pics to show you the orange madness. On Queensnight, we went into the city with several bottles of rosé and joined several parties outside. Once they were closing up, we (drunk) walked all the way to Westerpark to end up at a terrible party. So back to the city it was. Anne and I still ended up in Chicago Social Club and that was just what we needed to end a perfect night.

Queensday was quite the opposite of party hardy. We slept in, watched television for four to five hours to see the crowning of Willem-Alexander. By the way: Maxima looked freaking gorgeous in that Jan Taminiau! Afterwards, we headed back into the city – bottles of rosé still by our side – to party in the Nine streets and Spui. We ended the night early, ate some pizza and went to bed to work the day after.

It was one hell of an experience and I couldn’t imagine a better person to celebrate it with than my girl Anne-G! Thanks hun ^^

Amsterdam Diaries #8: The Bloggers Edition

You probably read this, this and this already and thought to yourself: those crazy bloggers must have had an awesome weekend. Well, I can tell you one thing: we did! I have to admit I thought they’d want to go out to some club and party until the sun came up but we were on the same page – and Kim was feeling ill, poor thing – and agreed to stick to cosy nights in our humble bloggers pad. We traded parties & booze for food, food and well… food! American pancakes, froyo, a baby chicken (sorry E.) and a yummy breakfast, just to name a bit of the deliciousness we consumed last weekend.

Gilles, the man of the party, wasn’t just there to protect and take pictures. No lovelies, this mister was there to cook too! There’s still an embargo on the pictures of his delicious Dutch hamburger so I can’t really show you how awesomely delicious it was. But be sure to check out his blog to find out.

Really happy I got to show my fav bloggers buddies the city I fell in love with. Even more happy that now, they totally understand why! I  forgot how I missed hanging out with them and if there is one reason to go back to Belgium for, they’re it.