All I want for Christmas… is this!


There are certain things that come with being a blogger. Of course, there’s the occasional goodie bag here and there and lots of fun events to attend. But then there’s also the joy of making people recognize themselves in your posts and making them laugh, feel inspired and so on… And I’ll tell you: it’s great. I love each and every one of you! But there’s also another side to blogging… It’s a passion that has grown out to be much more. I’ve achieved certain stuff up until now but 2014 will probably be the highlight of this whole journey. I’m talking about fulfilling my blogger dreams!

One of those dreams was to be drawn by a fashion illustrator… And today, that came true!!! I got the most beautiful, awesome and above all thoughtful gift: a fashion illustrator of myself in a River Island coat! Thank you SO SO SO much River Island and of course Alessia Landi, fashion illustrator and blogger behind The Red Dot! You have made this Christmas beyond wonderful. All I wanted for Christmas was this… 

Enjoy tonight to the fullest sweethearts <3!

StyleToday – Amsterdam door de ogen van The Fashion Folio


Some Amsterdam hotspots provided by myself. Check them out in the complete article here.

Steps & The City: Amsterdam: Stappen in Amsterdam!


Not only did the lovely Steps & The City posts come to and end, my Amsterdam adventure as well! But luckily for you, they saved the best for last: where to party in Amsterdam? Note that by the time I got interviewed, I didn’t go to Chicago Social Club and Trouw yet, but I highly recommend them! Ready for the last post?