Neon Does It


Besides wanting a giant townhouse in a city like Amsterdam, I also know what I want in it! A husband, 2 or 3 kids and dog… and I already figured out what I want it to look like. No Picasso for me… I want to make my house a home with typography! Y’all might not know but I’m very fond of everything graphic and typography is part of it. I’m even considering some online tutorials to learn handlettering. Back to my dreamhouse… I’d really love a neon sign because… what could possibly be more awesome!? Exactly. Even though my dreamhouse is still far far away, I already took the liberty of getting inspired.

Happy monday lovelies!

Sunday Inspiration: Longing For Summer

summer, sun, sea, surfing, biking, skirts, sunnies

The ice cold temperatures and drooly days have been going on for way to long now. I think I speak for the whole Benelux when I say: we’re sick and tired of it all! The sun might be shining in Amsterdam but don’t be fooled: you’ll get blown away by the wind in a second. I’m longing for summer, isn’t it obvious? That’s why I collected a few images on Pinterest. Actually made my sunny cravings even worse but I got inspired as well. Come on sun, you can do it. Come to mama!

Sunday Inspiration: Simplicity

cara delevigne, barbara palvin, daphne groeneveld, dior iconic, simple style, effortlessly chic, parisian chic, proenza schouler ps1, mulberry alexa, isabel marant, duffle coat, cashmere coat, simplicity quote, leonardo da vinci

Aaah Sundays, they’re the best! They used to be more fun but I’ve got a sh*tload of schoolwork to do sometimes, that I can’t really enjoy it. But today, I did #becauseIcan. Enjoying the simple things in life is what it’s all about. Not only enjoying some good blogger company but also cheering for a basketball game. And of course, dressing myself in simple ways. A long coat, a nice pair of jeans, a pretty bag (hint: my new Essentiel one) and some sneakers or IM ankle booties. Simplicity is undoubtedly a form of sophistication and Pinterest is such a good tool to find simple inspiration. I think I’m moving more towards a minimalistic style, y’all!