A Sunday well spent…


I’ve had my fair share of Sundays well spent… but today is one of those lost days. You know, where you just slept through half of the day and didn’t get to enjoy the few rays of sunlight outside. I’ve woken up way too late after spending a fun night at Night Shift in Antwerp (more on that later). But hey, after a 6-day work week, I get to be super lazy, am I right?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies!

Current playlist

Monday! Ah, what a busy weekend I have to recover from. Already bought a few Christmas gifts but no tree to put them under. Just the Christmas spirit was starting to kick in. Mom, I hope you read this and put up the tree, I’ll even help you decorate! Anyway, the busy weekend went by with some nice tunes. No Christmas carols just yet but some other good music that kind of makes my day that little bit better! Enjoy ^^

Working girls with an eye for style

Yes, yes, yessss! It’s finally out in the open: the Marie Claire brand movie! I loved working with the whole team for two days but I think  I love the result even more. I got styled by sweetheart Marjolein Mos and her assistant and fellow intern Milou van Mook. We started off the day at our art director’s gorgeous house, where you see the first girl waking up and getting dressed in a gorgeous walk in closet. After a lovely lunch at Bar Moustache, I had to get my acting on. Walking through the door, ordering a mint tea and doing what I do best: check out the Marie Claire website and my social media channels on the iPad & go shopping. At the end, you see me arriving at the Marie Claire HQ (accompanied by lots of shopping bags) to attend a meeting. In short: life of a working girl with an eye for style ;-)