A war inside my core





When it sings, when it lies, when it cheats, when it bribes. There is a war inside my core. I hear it fight, I hear it roar

Working, working out. You’ve probably read all about the #changeforthebetter campaign a few days ago. Well, working out isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to. I’ve been drawn to dark clothing lately and I tend to buy and put together darker outfits. Either I go totally Dark Knight on everybody, or I combine my colourless outfit with my new cream coloured H&M trenchcoat (it’s absolutely gorgeous!). This outfit is quite on the dark side though, ready to fight the war inside my core (just some sore muscles)! This coat was a gift by friend J for my birthday. I’ve been carrying it ever since, even though I wasn’t always sure if long coats would fit my height. I threw on my fav pair of ankle boots and the problem was fixed, with a chique cherry on top, I might add.

The future’s not ours, to see







Que Sera, Sera… Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours, to see.

If there’s one power each of us would like to possess, I bet it’s looking into the future. At least, at some points in life. You’re dying to know those test results or who you’ll be marrying later on. Ah… would be nice to know all of that, now wouldn’t it? But it’s still life, it takes you by surprise in every possible way. Like me, for example. I started this new job I absolutely love (nothing in the fashion industry, fyi) and my life has changed completely. I’m still new to all of it but I can’t help but think about me doing the same job in a few months. Will I still love it? Will I still be doing the same thing?

Luckily I’ll get my answer eventually… Which reminds me to be patient more often. Everything will be okay in the end. And you know what they say: if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Ph by Birgit Vrydag

Count your blessings





I’ve got somewhere to dress for and I’ve got no need to stress for. So I’ll always put my best forth… and count my blessings.

During a short but enjoyable lunch break in the sun yesterday, I realised life’s pretty great. I might not have that one Céline dream bag or another pair of Isabel Marant shoes but what I do have is just much more important. And I think we – especially girls – often forget how lucky we are. I, for example, have a happy & healthy family which I love. I’ve got some amazing girlfriends and although I might not usually like it, I’ve got a job that pays the bills. Sure, a new pair of shoes, a trip to an exotic destination or a lover would be great. But I can easily survive without those things… So instead of thinking negative and turning everything into a problem, go outside, soak up the sun… and count your blessings!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag