She’s always locked and loaded






She’s always locked and loaded, ready for anything. She got me fully covered, I’m glad she’s on my team

I’m loaded alright! All those kind words about my Sacha collaboration have me feeling very happy the last few days! I’m extremely glad you guys like the shoes so much because I honestly never thought anyone would. Up to this day, I actually don’t realise that I’ve designed a shoe that is in stores, for all you pretty ladies to buy! I’ve had my own pair about two months already, so for me it’s MY shoe because I just owe it and I like every aspect of it. Coincidentally, I designed it. Ahhh, it’s all just so unreal, you know? And to think that these pictures were taken moments after the last meeting with Sacha. The last preps for the party, that turned out to be a-mazing! Photobooth fun (check out the Facebook album), lovely people and good music… what more could I have asked for? I heard the food was excellent as well… I can’t say, I was sooo nervous, I ate one meatball, whoopsie!

On another note: I love pairing my shoes with the newest addition to my accessory closet: my guardian angel by Vlieger&Vandam. Bought it at sample price in Rotterdam which makes this bag even more special. The bolder the better, so out of all the black or grey bags, I chose this baby. It just screams my name, don’t you think?

Stay tuned for a cool aftermovie of the event made by my very talented friend Winny Man!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag

See me running through the city, no obstacles






See me running through the city, no obstacles. No option two, one way to go

As most of the people around me know, I’m not afraid of the impossible. I get up, go to work to in order to follow my dreams, although I’m exhausted and I’d rather sleep for 5 days in a row. Despite all of that, I try to keep my social life high as possible whenever I do have the time. So you’ll still see me running through the city, my bae on one side, a few shopping bags on the other [insert oops here]. I see the obstacles on my path but I tend to overcome them by thinking: it’ll all be worth it very soon! God, do I sound gibberish to you? I’m so sorry I have to be so vague about a few stuff, I still need to keep some things quiet around here.

On another note: my blog is turning 5 years next week…. So watch this space!

It is already tomorrow in Australia




Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

G’day lovelies! Ow ya goin’? I’m doing just great! Working while you’re reading this, of course. But I’m very good! Why is that? Because I’m closer to my dream each and every day. Granted, I’m impatient at times but on the other hand, I still got time to realise all of this is actually happening. It’s a big dream and a good one, I tell ya.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying life to the fullest with my friends, family and other precious things (clothes, food, my Pashli bag… duh!).