Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause

‘It’s not you… It’s me.’ Oh yes, it’s definitely me. I’ve been struggling with the how and when of this conversation and today felt like a fresh start in many ways, so it feels like the right time. I wish blogging was like riding a bycicle but I think I’ve kind of lost the skill. Might have been somewhere between deciding I had a new dream and actually living it. Melbourne has changed me in a lot of ways already…

When I started blogging, it was very new and I was very passionate about it. I wanted to write about places, things and people I discovered each and every day. Looking back at this online portfolio, I think I did a pretty good job. At some point I even began sharing with you my favourite/daily outfits. It took some courage and a lot of much appreciated help (little brother & B, thanks again)! I’ve had some amazing opportunities handed to me: travelling, meeting amazing people and designing my own shoe! But somewhere along the way, I lost the passion for (fashion) blogging.

I don’t want to put you guys off any longer, waiting for another post to come up… Because I just can’t do it anymore. I’m exploring this new creative side of myself… with my hands (drawing, sketching, crafting), my brain (creative & conceptual thinking) and my computer skills (every Adobe program). I’ll still be active on social media though!

What else am I going to invest some time in?

  • Sketching (for school & myself)
  • Looking for a job
  • Doing a 3-day Pressed Juice cleanse (so help me God)
  • Working out (hello Kayla)
  • Discovering some more Melbourne
  • Coffee hunting

Sleeptight www-baby, you’re in for a much needed rest!

Postcard from Melbourne










Blue skies, skyscrapers, palmtrees, art… Ah, my lovely Melbourne. Hi there, by the way! It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been keeping busy and never got around to blogging, I guess. I wish I just had Google Glass, it would be so much easier to soak things up and show you guys! I try to take as many pics as possible but there’s only so much I can post on Instagram without driving you guys crazy!

So, here’s an update: I’ve been doing a lot since I’ve arrived down under. Beach days, a day at the Werribee zoo, wandering around the city, drinking coffee (very important!) and of course SCHOOL! I’m very excited and keen on doing all the homework!!! I’m such a nerd, aren’t I? Well, I’ll try to post some more in the near future. I’m actually thinking of changing things around here. Stay tuned!

The Backstage Pics


Instagram is all I think of lately. I decided to put more effort into the pictures I put on my account but I still want it to be instant, you know? Some pictures don’t make the cut, so that’s why I thought I’d share them here on the blog. I’ve been off work since Monday and that gave me a lot of time to work on the blog and do some research for my upcoming project, if I may call it that. I’ve been in some comfy outfits for most of the week but when I finally decide to get out of the house, I steal my dad’s shirts to dress up! On another not: I’ve been addicted to my new pieces of jewelry and… going to the gym! You might not see it but I sure feel it. Sore muscles or just that fit and motivated feeling, I sure got it! My I.Ma.Gi.N. ring and Smile bracelet have not left my wrist and finger since I bought them. What else happened? My friend Stephanie got a cute dog called Mia and Primark opened up in Brussels… but seeing those long lines in front of the store 2 days after the opening, I guess you already knew!