Treat yo self




Spoiled brat! You might be thinking… Well, think again lovelies, because I’m everything but that. I’ve been raised to work for & go after things I want. And I’ve been doing exactly that since I was 15 years old. But up until this year, I never really enjoyed doing all that in the sense that I worked my but off for something specific and then the money was gone in an instant. This year on the other hand, I was able to work, save up, do & buy the things I wanted. It never felt so good to be able to do all that! Granted, some thought I wasn’t going to reach my goal because they thought I spent a lot. But that makes reaching a goal more attractive: proving people wrong! I bet the whole ‘YOLO‘ thing got old by this time but I’m a strong believer in doing things because you actually do live once. Why worry and deny yourself fun things? It all works out in the end… So just do it, go for it, buy it, do whatever makes you happy!

My latest treat: the iPhone 6 Plus. I know, it’s a lot of money. But I see it as an investment. I’ll be using it more for the blog but also for personal stuff. Instead of buying an iPad in addition to my iPhone 5 and a MacBook, I thought it was better to combine ‘a tablet’ and a smartphone. Do I regret buying it? Hell no! You’ve got to treat yo self from time to time ;-)

Multiple choice







Mmmm, what a lovely weekend it has been! Mostly because of the oddly warm weather for an October weekend but also because it was the perfect end to a fun week! Besides attending the Zalando Blogger Awards and catch up with my blogger babes again after what seemed to be a while, I got featured in the newspaperTWICE! First off was Het Nieuwsblad, who talked about how bloggers – including myself – were the new designers. A lovely surprise that made my day! That same day I got a call from Het Laatste Nieuws who interviewed me and sent a photographer immediately after. On top of that, I also received M-Magazine in my mailbox which featured me and my shoes as well. So this week, I had multiple choices regarding features which made me think, I have certain items in large quantities

  1. Essie nailpolish ➵ Hands down the best nailpolish on the planet… And I’m not saying this because I’ve met the actual Essie. No, the brush, the texture and the multiple choice of colors… Essie has got it all. And me too! I bought 6 polishes this month alone and I loooove them. My mom & sis steal them from time to time but I can’t blame them. I, for one, can’t go a day without Essie on my nails.
  2. Yves Rocher lipsticks ➵ I got 15 of these babies to test out and I put a few on Instagram already. I’m hooked!!! My favourite colours are Rose Vif, Tangerine & Cerise Noir.
  3. &Other Stories items ➵ I mostly buy cosmetics there but I caught myself buying some accessories (necklace & phonecase) and a gorgeous dress too. Some of you might have seen me wear it on the #TheFashionFolioxSacha launch party.
  4. Perfumes ➵ Life’s too short to have only one perfume [at a time]. So, I have about five… These three are my favourites: D&G n°14 La Tempérance, Diesel Loverdose & Zadig&Voltaire La Pureté.

Let’s spark a new flame


Come on, just, baby, try a new thing. And let’s spark a new flame

Another month has begun and I couldn’t be happier. Not only did August take forever to pass by but I’m also excited about the things happening come September! But let’s talk about the past first… What have I been doing? It may seem that my life is filled with fun events each and every day but I think that me hugging my pillow was the most common thing I did each day. Working at 4am isn’t that easy but I survived this far. I’ve been exhausted though but still trying to make the most fun out of every free day or hour I have left. For example: I visited the Royal Palace with friend B one day, my friends and I went for drinks at a pop up terrace in our village, I ate crêpes, moules and the best spaghetti in the world and I attended this goodbye party for a lovely colleague of mine. August was pretty fun!

As for september: it’ll be even more fun! I’ll be going to the seaside after work tomorrow since I’m off on Wednesday. I’ll be joining my girls there ^^ And from 12 to 18 september I’ll be enjoying la playa & el sol in Palma de Mallorca! Oh, I can’t wait, I’m in desperate need of a vacay. Last but surely not least… I’ll be unveiling the big surprise! STAY TUNED BABIES