Let’s spark a new flame


Come on, just, baby, try a new thing. And let’s spark a new flame

Another month has begun and I couldn’t be happier. Not only did August take forever to pass by but I’m also excited about the things happening come September! But let’s talk about the past first… What have I been doing? It may seem that my life is filled with fun events each and every day but I think that me hugging my pillow was the most common thing I did each day. Working at 4am isn’t that easy but I survived this far. I’ve been exhausted though but still trying to make the most fun out of every free day or hour I have left. For example: I visited the Royal Palace with friend B one day, my friends and I went for drinks at a pop up terrace in our village, I ate crêpes, moules and the best spaghetti in the world and I attended this goodbye party for a lovely colleague of mine. August was pretty fun!

As for september: it’ll be even more fun! I’ll be going to the seaside after work tomorrow since I’m off on Wednesday. I’ll be joining my girls there ^^ And from 12 to 18 september I’ll be enjoying la playa & el sol in Palma de Mallorca! Oh, I can’t wait, I’m in desperate need of a vacay. Last but surely not least… I’ll be unveiling the big surprise! STAY TUNED BABIES

Start spreading the news…


It’s almost time for my secret project to be announced. I’ve teased you a few times before but it’s almost here, it’s near! And this picture has quite a lot to do with it. I can’t tell just yet but you’ll be surprised, thrilled & maybe a bit envious. I just hope you’ll be happy for me! At least I am.

So, start spreading the news. My secret is almost out! xoxo

Love, Nina D.



So yesterday was pretty crazy. Besides Belgium winning against Russia (who cares anyway???), some other magical thing happened in our little country. For reasons yet to be discovered, The Vampire Diaries‘ very own Nina Dobrev was in town! I was ending my shift at the airport when a colleague told me she passed by the check-in desk as if he was talking about the weather outside!!! Little me freaked out, to say the least. I ran like I needed to catch five flights!!! After 5 minutes of looking for air to breathe, there she was… I’ll spare you the whole story, to keep it a bit more magical and mysterious (hihi). But I can tell you this: she took this selfie, she was gorgeous and above all super friendly!