Love, Nina D.



So yesterday was pretty crazy. Besides Belgium winning against Russia (who cares anyway???), some other magical thing happened in our little country. For reasons yet to be discovered, The Vampire Diaries‘ very own Nina Dobrev was in town! I was ending my shift at the airport when a colleague told me she passed by the check-in desk as if he was talking about the weather outside!!! Little me freaked out, to say the least. I ran like I needed to catch five flights!!! After 5 minutes of looking for air to breathe, there she was… I’ll spare you the whole story, to keep it a bit more magical and mysterious (hihi). But I can tell you this: she took this selfie, she was gorgeous and above all super friendly!


Pics of April days


Easter eggs, COCONUTT parties, raspberries, friends and crunches… That’s pretty much what April has been about up until now. Some shots have already been uploaded to Instagram, others are part of the Room for Thought app, otherwise known as Pic of the day. Quite a cool photo diary app, with a few filters and more “privacy” than Instagram. Your iPhone asks you to take pictures at random moments. And although randomness is key here, I wait for the right moment to snap something fun because after a year of everyday pics, you can make a cool photo diary with the help of Hema. I started taking pics back in September so I’ve got a few months left to fill my photo diary.

Pic your moment right… do it now!

Birthday Aftermath


2013 was really my year. Not only because thirteen is my lucky number but also because of the many good things that happened to me. 2014 on the other hand, feels a lot more different. It’s sort of an ‘in between‘ year for me as some of you know what 2015 will mean for me. But regarding my birthday, this year was kind of awesome. I actually celebrated it for two weeks in a row with one of my bestest. Starting with a dinner at Houtsiplou where I got my awesome GoPro and heading off to London the next day. Besides some sightseeing, B and I also did a little partying. Which resulted in a major but above all hilarious hangover! The following days were all about preparing for our party on Friday and going to dinner with the family. A gorgeous bouquet of roses, two cakes and some Greek food later… it was time for our party. Bubbles, good music and a major surprise cake! Oh yeah, it was pretty fun. I won’t get into the details but let’s say, there were definitely some bruises and a big hangover present the next day. But isn’t that just proof that I had more than just fun? ;-)