La ville de Lille (video)

Philippe: L’Île ? L’Île de quoi ?

Jean: Pas sur une île. Lille, la ville de Lille!

Forget Paris, Marseille and Lyon for a second… Lille is the way to go! The city is either underrated or unknown to many and I’ll try to change that thought. I’ve had the chance to go out and explore the wonderful city by taking the Thalys for merely 35 minutes. Hopped on, hopped off et voilà: bienvenue à Lille-Europe! My main chick Winny & her camera followed me around and this is the result. We started off the day at Urban Basilic Café for tea, coffee and a briefing on how the day would look like. The café would also be our meeting point in the evening. After my café au lait, a city guide showed us the Grand Place, or better Place du Général-de-Gaulle. It’s a meeting point for many and it’s characterized by the mix of Dutch and French architecture.

We were guided along the opera and Rue Faidherbe to end the tour at Tri Postal, post office turned art venue with industrial touches. God, I loved it there! We started off with a yummy lunch in the food corner (brunch on Sunday, it’s possible!) and got to meet the people behind Lille3000. Afterwards, we got to explore Passions Secrètes: private Flemish art collections. They were ah-mazing! The whole time, I pictured my future home with a few of the art pieces.

Enough art for the day, time to explore the city! Winny and I had a quick look at Euralille (hello shopping malllll) before commencing our discovery in Vieux-Lille, the old part of town. You could say it’s a small version of Le Marais with its mix of French labels – Sandro, Zadig&Voltaire, Maje – and small boutiques. The ones that caught my eye? Le Dressing de Charlize, Poppy Milton and Harris Wilson. If the shopping part didn’t convince you, Lille has various design stores and LOTS of patisserie shops.

Basically, everything a women wants… you’ll find it in Lille!

Big thanks to Winny Man, Thalys & Lille3000.

Off to Palma de Mallorca


¡Ayyyy dios mío! The day is finally here. I’m OFFFFF for 6 days to Palma de Mallorca. I’ve been working non-stop at horrible hours (but loving it nonetheless) so I really needed a break. I’ll be enjoying sea, sand and most definitely sun along 6 of my girlfriends. Ahhhh, can’t wait! I have a few posts lined up for you in the meantime and I most certainly will keep you updated make you jealous on Instagram.

Hasta luego mamacitas!

London Birthday Weekend

Y’all probably know that London is one of my favourite cities. Obviously, I can’t go without visiting London for a year. So why not do exactly that… very early in 2014. Just a week before the AW14 shows are about to start at Somerset House and a few days before Birgit‘s and my birthday. Yes, we’ve celebrated (and are still celebrating) our 22nd birthday together. Same day, same age, same crazy gals. My GoPro was given to me right on time for London town and that’s why I decided to make this video. I tried to capture every fun moment we had and aside from the tons of pictures we took, this is just the perfect reminder of how much fun we had!

Happy 22nd Birthday to us!!!