London Birthday Weekend

Y’all probably know that London is one of my favourite cities. Obviously, I can’t go without visiting London for a year. So why not do exactly that… very early in 2014. Just a week before the AW14 shows are about to start at Somerset House and a few days before Birgit‘s and my birthday. Yes, we’ve celebrated (and are still celebrating) our 22nd birthday together. Same day, same age, same crazy gals. My GoPro was given to me right on time for London town and that’s why I decided to make this video. I tried to capture every fun moment we had and aside from the tons of pictures we took, this is just the perfect reminder of how much fun we had!

Happy 22nd Birthday to us!!!

Mondo’s Fashion Night Out



Belgium might not have its own Vogue but we sure do know fashion and how to throw/have fun at parties! So when the Ostend based Mondo hotels put together their very own Fashion Night Out, you have to be there. Fashion what now? Let me explain…

  • Belgium’s finest bloggers (including my humble self) dug up their classic pieces/never worn garments/newbies they shouldn’t have bought/… to sell at reasonable prices
  • Those same bloggers are also open for a nice chat, some fashion tips and shameless group pics and/or selfies
  • Nails and hair will be taken care of by professionals
  • Ostend based shop L’Alchimiste will show off their best pieces during a catwalk show
  • AND THERE WILL BE DRINKS! That’s a plus, n’est-ce pas? :D

So… I can imagine you are as exciting as I am for this big day. Don’t hesitate to 1. buy my clothes and 2. come and say hi! See you there lovelies ^^

It’s Paris. You don’t come here for the weather.







One way or another, my Paris trips are never planned. They either happen because of a bloggers trip or because of my impromptu decisions. About two weeks ago, I was looking for an accomplice to join in on some Parisian fun. Eventually, my little queen B came along and we had lots of fun. From the Marais to the beautiful Arc, a walk down the Champs and then the metro all the way to Trocadero. Some selfies, panoramas and duo pics have been taken in front of the beauty that is the Eiffel Tower. Our last stop would be the Tuileries, where we wanted to take a spin on the Roue de Paris but it was too expensive. We ended up at the Louvre and then it was time to head back home. A three hour drive later, we ended up in the world’s best spaghetti restaurant: the perfect end for a beautiful day in Paris. Thanks B, I had fun <3