The last couple of weeks

I haven’t found the time to share a few things that I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. So I thought I’d round it up to one post, to prevent five seperate posts at once. So, I’ve been here and there, seen this and that. Now let me guide you through it all…

Discovering Wolford (pictures by Elisabeth Decabootere)

Oh gosh, so ashamed I haven’t made a post about this event sooner! We we’re invited by the lovely Wolford ladies to get to know the brand a bit more. I think most of you might think it’s a mommy and/or granny brand but it has quite a selection of stuff we’d wear too! After a short introduction movie and a few tips and tricks on how to wear tights we were asked to put together an outfit. Mrs K and I teamed up and let’s not lie: we ran towards those amazing studs & chains tights! It turned out to be an all black everything kind of outfit and we were glad we both liked it. The best thing was, that the team with the best outfit would win it entirely… And much to our surprise: WE WON!!! I haven’t worn the tights yet or fatal dress yet but it’ll come, soon! After our little happy dance, we enjoyed the evening with delicious desserts and very intensive blog talks ;-)

Partying with Mexx Metropolitan

Since my mom worked at the Mexx offices for a while, I have this connection with the brand. Haven’t been a fan of their collections every single time but I can find pieces that totally match my style. I was asked to be one of the special guests at the event and to wear a head to toe Metropolitan outfit but there went something wrong. Luckily, everybody’s doing their best for me to work on it, thanks again ^^! Back to the party, shall we? Krizia and I were the only two Flemish bloggers in a sea of fully Metropolitan SS13 dressed models drinking, partying and having a good time. Hot male models, one I couldn’t stop staring at – oops – and of course pretty Spring/Summer clothes ;-) Mexx definitely knows how to throw a party! Can’t wait for my order to arrive and show it to you, thrice!

A day in Paris

Oh la la, Paris! Being invited to discover the real Paris of the true Parisiennes, how could I ever turn that offer down?! Simply never, so I hopped on the Thalys – best service, everrrr, not even joking right now – and chitchatted for about one hour and twenty-three minutes with Kim to find ourselves at Paris Nord after. The day began with introducing ourselves to le guide du jour: Eléonore Chedeville, personal shopper. We were given a tour through Saint-Germain afterwards, bonjour hôtel particulier de Ralph Lauren! Drooled over Aurélie Bidermann for a bit, discovered lots of other new labels and stores as well but then it was definitely time for some food. Just for the sake of irony, I ordered Fish&Chips while others were eating Cheese Burgers. Yep, real Parisiennes, us Belgian bloggers… That cheesecake was a bit over the top but luckily I had a good excuse not to eat it entirely: Isabel Marant and other trendy Marais boutiques were calling our names – especially Kim‘s :-D! It was a long, yet fun day and can’t wait to be there again.

Attending the Second Hand, Second Life show

Aah… the Spullenhulp show is very close to my heart so I can never deny an invitation, especially not with a front row seat. Two years back, it was the first big event I attended and that’s where I knew I was going to love the life of a blogger. This year, it seemed a lot smaller than the previous two editions but that didn’t take the magic of the show away. In this 10th edition, designers joined forces to raise money to invest in the previously opened youth shelter. Favourites of the evening? Definitely the Delvaux Brilliant decorated with those amazing vintage pins I used to have as well (good DIY idea, by the way). There’s one lucky lady flaunting it right now, after paying 1350 euros, yay for fashion charity! Curious to see if Delvaux will the responsible for yet another it item next year ;-)

Intrigued by VW Big Air

Totally not fashion related, I know, but I visited the VW Big Air show with some friends, from the VIP lounge baby! Although I have to admit I’m not that much of a winter sports kinda gal – sun, sea, beach please – I really enjoyed seeing those boarders freestyle jump as if their lives were depending on it. Quite an interesting scene, you know! I had to leave just before the semi finals, when Belgian Freestyler Seppe Smits was still second, but I heard he won after all, boeyaaaah snowboard b*tchezzzz :D Haha, sorry, couldn’t control myself. That said, it was a fun day trip. Thanks again TDR x 4 :D!

  • nathalie

    Ziet er stuk voor stuk heel leuk uit!

  • Style Mish Mash

    OMG those tights are to die for! Super rock ‘n roll!
    Wolford has btw, the best tights! You pay the price but they last for years!

  • Laurein

    Big air was zo cool :) Ik ben helemaal snow/ski girl, dus kvond het wel super!
    En wat een coole tights, wel oncomfortabel om te dragen denk ik..

  • Tessa

    Very welcome.

    The oldest young T

  • Lana

    Those studs & chains tights look amazing on you!

  • Barb

    One word- wow!!!