ZONE Magazine – Bloggers over mode, shoppen en hun kleerkast

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On April 25, I got featured in ZONE Magazine, a free city magazine, together with fellow bloggers Annebeth and Immi. Unfortunately it’s in Dutch but in to put in a nutshell: I talk about how I wear lots of colors, how much time and effort I put in the blog and where I like to go shopping! I’m also very pleased with the fact they sent an actual photographer to take this lovely picture, instead of picking one from my blog. I secretly want to mail him to ask a few of my pictures! The article was made by my friend Julie Wijckmans, who’s also a journalist in the making at my school. You did a great job girl!

  • pascaline


  • Brunette Blogging

    die foto is keimooi!

  • Estelle

    Super mooie foto !!!

  • Lies

    Je staat er echt superknap op daar, can I have you hair haha… maar nee, super, sowieso!

  • Dana

    Gewoon vragen die andere foto’s! Deze is sowieso al enorm leuk!

  • Iris

    STUNNING Afro!!

  • Tessa

    hete voenk