EZISLiving – Coffee Mug Giveaway – CLOSED

ezisliving, giveaway, coffee mugs, good morning, asa collection, home decoration, dianah verhaegen

Win this Good Morning Mug by ASA Collection – View the rest of the items on Polyvore

ezisliving, giveaway, coffee mugs, good morning, asa collection, home decoration, dianah verhaegen

Win this Café au lait Coffee mug by ASA Collection – View the rest of the set on Polyvore

It’s been a while, crocodile. Time for a new giveaway! This time, I teamed up with the lovely Dianah from EZISLiving! I’ve always been into interior design and she’s been a fan of my blog a while now. No wonder that our collab is super fun! EZISLiving focuses on simplicity and offers a lot handy decorations for your home and much more! I’ve noticed on Instagram and in actual life, that there are a lot of coffee drinking fashion lovers out there. I myself, do not drink the hot beverage, since I’m more of a tea person.

Still, I want to make you guys happy, so EZISLiving will give away two coffee mugs for two lovely readers of mine! This is what you have to do:

  1. Like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter
  2. Like EZISLiving on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
  3. Leave a comment below in which you tell me what your favorite hot beverage is and in what kind of mug. For example: I like a Caramel Brulée Latte in a World of Coffee mug or I love a good old Caffè Americano in a Good Morning mug!

Attention: when you buy something on EZISLiving now, you get a 15% discount with this code: ilovezis. Tell your mothers, aunts, cousins,… spread the decoration love!

You have until Friday the 14th to join and I’ll pick the winners on the 16th. Good luck everybody! (this giveaway is worldwide!)

  • http://citronella.be/sweetaslime Lana

    I would love a Chai Tea Latte with extra foam in a Café Au Lait mug!


    I like (and will always need) an Americano. The earlier, the blacker. After 11am, by the time I’m wide awake, i might soothe it down with some milk.
    In the evening I might spike it up with some amaretto :)))
    And I would like to do all of this in the Suikerstrooier.

    mopje, i would take the Macchiato mug


  • Alyson

    In the winter I’m addicted to hot chocolate, hmmm!
    This year I would like to drink my fav hot beverage in a Café Au Lait mug, please! :D

    Grtz! x

  • http://dressyourlifeblog.blogspot.be Naomi_DYL

    Die handtassen!!
    Ik zal de giveaway maar laten voor mensen die koffie drinken :D

  • http://goesting-belgium.blogspot.com Marijke

    Oh ja, ik ben ook een koffie fan.
    Maar mijn dagelijkse ‘hot beverage’ is toch wel een warme chocomelk :).
    Dus geef mij maar ne warme choco in de ‘Café au lait’ mug!

  • http://www.denbelle.blogspot.be Belle

    Hele mooie loafers, die grijze!

  • JILX

    I would love to wake up with a Nespresso Cappuccino in a Café Au Lait mug and if it’s possible, a George Clooneyke on the side instead of a chocolate bolleke. What else?

  • http://thetrifactory.blogspot.com Laetitia

    My favorite beverage at this moment is the Toffe Nut Latte (from Starbucks) and that would be so perfect served in a World of Coffee mug

  • http://www.anoukmeetsfashion.com anouk

    I would like to drink my Chai latte out of the cafe au lait mug!

  • AliceF

    I’m italian so I would love a hot cappuccino in a good morning mug :):)
    thx! xx

  • http://www.dogsanddresses.com Elien

    CARAMEL MACCHIATO WITH EXTRA CARAMELZ in a Milk Coffee mug. Now please.

  • http://brightandbrunette.blogspot.be Laura B

    I’m a huuuuuge coffeelover. But in the cold wintermonths my favourite drink is a hot chocolate with some whiped cream. It would be super handy to drink it out of “Café au lait” mug from Ezisliving. Cause at the moment i have to be satisfied with just regular ones.

    xx Laura

  • Dorien

    I love my coffee just Black! Hard core !


  • http://www.lifewithaview.be Steffi

    Ik moet nodig koffie leren drinken en hoe doe je dat? Met veel melk natuurlijk! Voor mij graag een koffie verkeerd in de Café au lait beker :) en als het wat meer mag zijn: a cinnamon latte please.. Xo

  • Robyn

    Exams are coming up and it’s time to start working on my final project, so I know I’m gonna drink tons of coffee the next couple of months! I would love to drink some coffee with just a drop of milk out of the Good Morning mug. :D