Blogger crush: Leandra Medine

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Summer outfit, Leandra Medine, the Man repeller

Leandra Medine, the man repeller, quirkiness

Leandra Medine, quirky, fashion week preparation, Alexander Wang, the man repeller

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Oh the cliché… Yes, I – Afrodite Trevlopoulos – have a huge blogger crush on Leandra Medine. She’s an obvious choice, I know that… Why? Because her layering skills are just impeccable, she looks flawless in just about every piece of clothing AND she’s not your everyday beauty but I still think she is so stunning! When people used to ask me what my favorite blogs were at the moment, I always answered the same thing. I have to admit that I was stuck in some sort of virtual spiral… I always ended up checking out the same blogs, each and every day. I had a discussion about it with my fellow bloggers and I thought it was time for a change. I deleted my daily routine (Style Scrapbook, This Chick’s got style & afterDRK) in my Top Sites and then I added other blogs: The Glamourai, The Coveted, IFB and The Man Repeller. It wasn’t the first time I had checked out Leandra’s amazing pictures and hilarious writing. It was just the first time that I was actually interested and wanted to see more. All of a sudden, out of nowhere… not a day goes by without me checking out what crazy outfits she has put together this time… May I add that her blog wouldn’t be the same without her quirkiness? That’s just another aspect of her that I absolutely love! Watch the videos and you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about ;-)! I wish we could be besties, boehoehoe!

All pictures, courtesy of the one and only Man Repeller, who also invented the term arm party!

  • Tessa

    she might be a man repeller, but I do love her

  • Carlota

    Ik kende haar nog niet! Altijd leuk om nieuwe blogs te ontdekken. Ik ga haar zeker volgen! :)

  • Laurein

    Oh deze kende ik nog niet, zeker de moeite waard om te vertellen. Ik begrijp je wel ivm met je vroegere favorieten. Ik ben ze ook lang blijven lezen, tot ze amper nog tekst schreven. ik geloof ook dat ze nog weining boeiende comments krijgen ipv “i love the blog”.. Maarja :)
    Het is gewoon ook leuker om andere dingen te ontdekken en inspiratie op te doen, go girl!

  • elisse

    Ik kende haar ook nog niet, maar ze is wel gieren! Haha die filmpjes, zalig dat da zo’n zottin is!

  • Dana

    I so love her ‘lessons in layering’. She alwyas makes the most weird combinations work. And I don’t know about it but I think not all her looks are that repelling to men ;) she’s gorgeous because of her own style

  • Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK)

    I don’t like her! She is not a classic beauty indeed but it is like she wants to be ugly, like no effort is okay, but this is way too much no effort! I don’t think she is sincere either! To me a blog and a bloggers personality have to become one! And by the way how man repelling can you look if you are wearing those brands. What I do love is her concept, it is unique and she stays true to the man repelling concept!

  • Laura

    Ik vind de looks die ze als ‘eerste’ draagt (voor ze begint met ‘layering’) eigenlijk het mooiste… Maar: wat een uitstraling!

  • Shira

    Zalige foto’s, blij van weer een nieuwe blog te leren kennen. Die paarse schoenen wil ik ook wel in mijn kast :)

  • Lucie

    It’s so funny because the exact same thing happened to me lately!
    I knew her, but now she’s definitly my all time favorites! And like you I watch her videos and all…
    Since I’m going to NYC in june, I told my bestfriends that live there that I want Leandra to be my new bestfriend, and they have to make it happen hahaha