Marion Cotillard, Lady Dior

You might remember last season’s Dior videos, starring beautiful Marion Cotillard in L.A.dy Dior in the role of an unlucky L.A. actress who is thinking of quitting the business to the displeasure of her manager. This time, Dior decides to go down memory lane and together with Marion, we get to know the label’s history. Marion is an incredibly good and gorgeous actress of which I didn’t know she could sing (see video 4 & 5). Let Lady Cotillard guide you through the Dior ateliers, photoshoots and its history in the online-exclusive 7 episodes! The first 5 can be seen here, on the blog but we’ll have to wait for episode 6 and 7 to come out. Keep an eye on the Dior website to find out when that is exactly.