The Case of Bitchy Shoes

You remember that post I wrote about shoes being b*tches, right? Well, meet the newest member of the family: Studded Zara b*tch! We met on a hot and sticky afternoon in Portal de l´Angel, Barcelona baby. My friends were there too and although they didn’t get along at first, my girls saw the good in them afterall. We walked home together, hand in hand. And I knew from that moment, it was going to be a love story never to be forgotten…

How could I even forget?! We went on a date – read: I wore them to LFW, day one only – which went disastrously wrong. They weren’t really feeling any love, although they got lots of camera attention. I was proudly walking my way through on those damn cobble stones. You know, the kind of proud where you walk by a bunch of girls and do the He’s mine girls ;) face? Well, in this case, they are. The shoes couldn’t care less… and they clearly outed it on me. This was more than a case of sore feet. This was actual blood, sweat, anger and tears. So, we decided to call it off. We went home together but didn’t say a word… Until I asked them friendly to pose with me on these pictures, before asking them out on a date again.

To be continued…

  • annebeth

    heel schattig geschreven! Ze zien er pijnlijk uit, net als alle zara schoenen. Stomme zaraschoenen. Maar wel eeeel mooi

  • Luana

    Hahaha! What a ‘lovely’ story!! I guess every girl has a similar experience at least once in a life time , I know I’ve been there more than once :( but if the shoes are this great, they’re totally worth it, right? ;) can’t wait for the sequel!

  • Kim

    Hahaha :) ik moet nog altijd lachen als ik er aan terugdenk :D bitchy but prettyyy

  • nathalie

    haha ze lijken me idd niet de gemakkelijkste!

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Jaja, Zara en de oncomfortabele schoenen… I feel your pain.
    Maar deze zijn echte beauties! Je broek is ook echt supermooi. Leuke outfit!


  • Krizia

    Mijn mama zou zeggen: “Wie mooi wilt zijn moet lijden!” :D
    Maar anyway, you rock them! Alleen wel jammer van je voetjes!

    x Krizia

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  • Renée

    Super leuk geschreven. schoenen en mannen, zo hard verschillen ze dan toch niet.

    Mooie outfit ook, vanwaar is je broek?

  • Naomi_DYL

    Aah lovestories with pretty shoes are always bad romances in my book ;) x

  • Fashion Fools

    I got a few Zara baby’s over here acting the same way! So pretty and soooo uncomfortable. Love your writing:-)

    XxX A.

  • Angela R.

    Sometimes I try to follow my common sense and to buy adequate shoes for where I live -that means Antwerp city, full of cobble stones, specially if I am going to walk with them long distances, but I must say I can not stop falling in love with beautiful but painful high heels! Then I complain and swear once again “Never more” but when I am in front of one of those lovely pairs and I see how beautiful my legs look, I easily forget the promise…

    Yes, that is it something that only women can understand :D

  • Merel

    Oooh skuuuun!!!

    & in wemmel!!! :) allee bijna jette :)
    Prachtige locatie eh ;) xx

  • Insomnia

    Een dag op kasseien is sowieso al meestal hell! Open schoenen zijn nog zo veel erger. Maar ze zijn idd prachtig!
    Mooie foto’s en outfit!

  • Grietje

    Hele leuke look!
    Fan van je hoed! Heb me er eentje in Zara gekocht met ketting. Dringend wat meer dragen!