My Boohoo Favourites





It finally hit me: Boohoo is what your wallet is thinking/feeling/screaming after an online shopping spree… A jumpsuit here, a pair of shorts and a few cropped tops there. Add some jewelry, two pair of shoes and an it-bag. AHMAGAAAA, your wallet should be happy. You can shop online and justify each and every penny spent because you’ll get the biggest delivery of your life. I love me a shopping trip on UK’s 24/7 online shop heaven. Here I am, in my favourite Boohoo pieces. I’m mostly in love with those shorts and the embroided details. But don’t get me wrong, that jumpsuit is an eyecatcher as well. Too bad, all these pieces aren’t very Belgian weather proof -.-” Oh ooohh, that means a new shopping trip is around the corner?

#ThefashionfolioForSacha Aftermovie

Who needs stilettos when you have the heels from the goddess of love – My dearest John O.

To make a dream come true is one thing… But to let it get captured by a talented friend is another. I knew I could count on Winny to do the job so I asked her to make a little video about the launch party. My eyes filled with tears of joy the first few seconds… I DID IT! I made my own shoe and I launched it last Tuesday! And the best girl was their to get it on tape. THANK YOU so much Winny, I’ll be forever grateful! I love your work and I especially LOVE what you’ve done for this project!

Winny Man is a freelance photographer based in Brussels. She got her Bachelor in Photography at Sint Lukas School of Arts in Brussels and I’ve known her for a few years now. I’m a big fan of her videos lately sooo you might see another one pop up on the blog in the future. Stay tuned ;-)

She’s always locked and loaded






She’s always locked and loaded, ready for anything. She got me fully covered, I’m glad she’s on my team

I’m loaded alright! All those kind words about my Sacha collaboration have me feeling very happy the last few days! I’m extremely glad you guys like the shoes so much because I honestly never thought anyone would. Up to this day, I actually don’t realise that I’ve designed a shoe that is in stores, for all you pretty ladies to buy! I’ve had my own pair about two months already, so for me it’s MY shoe because I just owe it and I like every aspect of it. Coincidentally, I designed it. Ahhh, it’s all just so unreal, you know? And to think that these pictures were taken moments after the last meeting with Sacha. The last preps for the party, that turned out to be a-mazing! Photobooth fun (check out the Facebook album), lovely people and good music… what more could I have asked for? I heard the food was excellent as well… I can’t say, I was sooo nervous, I ate one meatball, whoopsie!

On another note: I love pairing my shoes with the newest addition to my accessory closet: my guardian angel by Vlieger&Vandam. Bought it at sample price in Rotterdam which makes this bag even more special. The bolder the better, so out of all the black or grey bags, I chose this baby. It just screams my name, don’t you think?

Stay tuned for a cool aftermovie of the event made by my very talented friend Winny Man!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag