Label crush: Senso


Whoever dares to say Australia and fashion don’t go hand in hand, is definitely wrong. I’ve discovered tons of amazing Aussie brands through Instagram and I think y’all know this one by now. I couldn’t help but share my favourite pieces with you though. Sydney based footwear brand Senso is taking over the world (and my little shopping heart). Aimee Song, Andy Torres en Julie Sarinana… we all follow these big and inspiring bloggers and good thing we do! I’ve discovered Senso through one of them and I can’t help but check out the website every once in a while to see what’s new. Really happy ASOS stocks the brand too! I’m still deciding on what pair I want to add to my shoe closet though…

A Sunday well spent…


I’ve had my fair share of Sundays well spent… but today is one of those lost days. You know, where you just slept through half of the day and didn’t get to enjoy the few rays of sunlight outside. I’ve woken up way too late after spending a fun night at Night Shift in Antwerp (more on that later). But hey, after a 6-day work week, I get to be super lazy, am I right?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies!

The future’s not ours, to see







Que Sera, Sera… Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours, to see.

If there’s one power each of us would like to possess, I bet it’s looking into the future. At least, at some points in life. You’re dying to know those test results or who you’ll be marrying later on. Ah… would be nice to know all of that, now wouldn’t it? But it’s still life, it takes you by surprise in every possible way. Like me, for example. I started this new job I absolutely love (nothing in the fashion industry, fyi) and my life has changed completely. I’m still new to all of it but I can’t help but think about me doing the same job in a few months. Will I still love it? Will I still be doing the same thing?

Luckily I’ll get my answer eventually… Which reminds me to be patient more often. Everything will be okay in the end. And you know what they say: if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Ph by Birgit Vrydag