#Changeforthebetter – That body


Hey y’all! You might be wondering what I’m up to lately. Well, it’s all about work to be honest. I’ve been working my ass off at my new job (which I absolutely love!) and working out before or after, depending on my work schedule. I started working on my abs and legs on Christmas day and trained every single day. I definitely felt and saw the result but I was a bit to greedy and I tore a muscle. That led to extreme pains and I couldn’t sleep in a normal position. So I had to let my abs in the cold for a few weeks. I did take up running again, just to keep my body moving.

The day before yesterday, I trained my abs again and I hardly felt that one muscle that held me back for weeks. So, I’m back on track, woot woot! These pictures keep me going, although I can never get the exact same body as these pretty ladies. You actually should never want someone else’s body… you should want your body to be as healthy and fit as theirs. At least, that’s what keeps me motivated!

Follow my steps in the #Changeforthebetter campaign here.

Label crush: Senso


Whoever dares to say Australia and fashion don’t go hand in hand, is definitely wrong. I’ve discovered tons of amazing Aussie brands through Instagram and I think y’all know this one by now. I couldn’t help but share my favourite pieces with you though. Sydney based footwear brand Senso is taking over the world (and my little shopping heart). Aimee Song, Andy Torres en Julie Sarinana… we all follow these big and inspiring bloggers and good thing we do! I’ve discovered Senso through one of them and I can’t help but check out the website every once in a while to see what’s new. Really happy ASOS stocks the brand too! I’m still deciding on what pair I want to add to my shoe closet though…

A Sunday well spent…


I’ve had my fair share of Sundays well spent… but today is one of those lost days. You know, where you just slept through half of the day and didn’t get to enjoy the few rays of sunlight outside. I’ve woken up way too late after spending a fun night at Night Shift in Antwerp (more on that later). But hey, after a 6-day work week, I get to be super lazy, am I right?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies!