Give me a Zign







Ahh, Sunday… I can’t even enjoy you for a second. I’m about to go to work and as of tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying a 10 day break. Ironic, because it’s my last month at the airport. But oh well, it’ll give me time to enjoy other stuff. Like my new pair of Zign shoes, for example. They were quite the eyecatcher when I visited the big SNITT sale last week and although I usually don’t wear flats, I’m loving them too. Maybe it’s the pointy toe, the zipper trimmed sole or the lacqué material… whatever it is, it works! Granted, it’s a tad too cold in Belgium for these babies but I’ll be sporting them as soon as I can!

In love too? They’re available in black and red at Zalando!

Si tu as un rêve…


Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger. Tu verras que les gens incapables d’y arriver feront tout pour te décourager. Si tu veux vraiment quelque chose, t’as qu’à te battre, point-barre.

When I first spotted this Mya Bay bangle bracelet around Dogs & Dresses‘ wrist, I knew… I had to have it! ‘Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger et te battre‘ is what it says, an excerpt of a quote in The Pursuit of Happiness (the 2006 Will & Jaden Smith movie). As I probably told you all a thousand times before, I’ve always been one to follow my dreams and do whatever to reach my goals. Okay, not whatever but you get the point, right? You can probably imagine how happy I was to receive the bracelet as an early Christmas gift! I’ve been wearing it ever since and I doubt it’ll ever leave my wrist.

Thank you so much Mya Bay & E. ^^

Make me your Aphrodite






Make me your Aphrodite. Make me your one and only but don’t make me your enemy

I’ve never been one to hide I have roots outside of Belgium but before I can even spell ‘I’m Greek‘, my name gives it away already. Having a name like this, has made various scenarios come to life. Questions like ‘Isn’t that a Goddess?‘, ‘Is Zeus your dad?‘ or ‘With an F or PH?’ have been asked repeatedly. But let me tell you this: I love my name! Jokes or no jokes, I honestly couldn’t care less. I can’t imagine my life without this name. And yes, as most girls, I have wondered about how I would name my children and I definitely would want them to have a Greek name. I even got two names in mind!

Besides having Afrodite as my name, I now get to sport it around in everyday life… on a sweater! This pretty cool piece is O’Rèn, a Belgian brand by two talented fellas from my neighbourhood. I was so excited about the whole Olympus collection and I freaked out when I saw that my name was used too! Thank you boys, I can’t wait for the Jeux de Mots collection!