Movie night: Bad Neighbours



Why wait for the weekend to do fun stuff? I seize every free moment I have to do something with friends and one of those things is going to the movies. This is mostly an evening activity to end a perfect day with nachos and dip, the way I like it. The latest Kinepolis visit I had was for Bad Neighbours. You say Zac Efron’s abs, I say: Where, when and can I touch them? Unfortunately, no 3D action went down but a lot of laughter did! Efron’s musical days are definitely over and I’ve been enjoying his skills ever since Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One.

But this movie right here, it’s different. I laughed so loud, my abs hurt. Not only did Seth Rogen do an amazing job at being his funny self, once again but Rose Byrne was quite the funny gal too. The movie is admittedly filthy - I’m a prude! – but the one-liners and hilarious scenes even it out. Although Zac’s abs looked ridiculously yummy, I was more team Rogen-Byrne because they were funny as hell.

For all the newbie momma bears out there, this is definitely for you. So leave your kid with the nanny and get your butt to the movies!

Start spreading the news…


It’s almost time for my secret project to be announced. I’ve teased you a few times before but it’s almost here, it’s near! And this picture has quite a lot to do with it. I can’t tell just yet but you’ll be surprised, thrilled & maybe a bit envious. I just hope you’ll be happy for me! At least I am.

So, start spreading the news. My secret is almost out! xoxo

It is already tomorrow in Australia




Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

G’day lovelies! Ow ya goin’? I’m doing just great! Working while you’re reading this, of course. But I’m very good! Why is that? Because I’m closer to my dream each and every day. Granted, I’m impatient at times but on the other hand, I still got time to realise all of this is actually happening. It’s a big dream and a good one, I tell ya.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying life to the fullest with my friends, family and other precious things (clothes, food, my Pashli bag… duh!).