Boom Clap






Boom Clap! The sound of my heart. The beat goes on and on and on and on and…

Finished the book, saw the movie. The Fault in Our Stars is/was/will always be exquisite. It makes you realize how good of a life most of us have. I honestly want to go back to the movies and see it over and over again! I must say – and readers of the book will probably agree – that the book is better than the movie. Not only because the movie has a few different aspects but mostly because some scenes aren’t in the same order. That actually bothered me sometimes because I knew the book so well and it messed up the timeline. Also, some important aspects in the book – like the actual name of Augustus‘ book (The Prince of Dawn), the whole swing set ad, Hazel watching ANTM with her parents, Augustus having a fight with his parents before Amsterdam - were hardly mentioned in the movie. I guess I just missed Hazel thoughts on every little detail the most.

But hey… in the end, all that matters was the feeling I got. And it was very close to how I felt about the book. Plus, the movie has an amazing soundtrack! Sometimes, I even listened to it while reading. My favourite tracks are without a doubt Charli XCX’s Boom Clap and Jake Bugg’s Simple As This.

Have you read the book or seen the movie? YOU SHOULD!

Same couleur, Different year








HELLO JULY! Wow, does time fly. Another month has begun and so, Couleur Café 2014 has come to and end. It was a rainy weekend with quite a few good artists but the lineup has been better other years. Despite the horrible weather on Saturday, we had lots of fun. But I got to admit: Sunday was D-day! The sun was out, the drinks were cold, the music was très Couleur Café and my friends were there to have fun with me! I realized how much I love this festival again <3

On to the next one… and enjoy the summer!

Love, Nina D.



So yesterday was pretty crazy. Besides Belgium winning against Russia (who cares anyway???), some other magical thing happened in our little country. For reasons yet to be discovered, The Vampire Diaries‘ very own Nina Dobrev was in town! I was ending my shift at the airport when a colleague told me she passed by the check-in desk as if he was talking about the weather outside!!! Little me freaked out, to say the least. I ran like I needed to catch five flights!!! After 5 minutes of looking for air to breathe, there she was… I’ll spare you the whole story, to keep it a bit more magical and mysterious (hihi). But I can tell you this: she took this selfie, she was gorgeous and above all super friendly!