My Korres Addiction


Hi, my name is Afrodite Trevlopoulos and I’m a Korres-oholic. I’ve never been one to invest in beauty products in the past, until I got to experience the natural products with obvious hints from my beautiful Greek country. I’m obviously talking about Korres. I can’t take a shower without using at least one product. I’m currently using their shampoo for thin hair, which actually improved the volume and strength of my hair. But not only do these products do what they’re meant to do, they also smell incredibly good. This shampoo includes rice proteins and Linden extract, which is often used for the treatment of coughs and colds. I’m also drawn to KorresGuava and Bergamot pear products but I also experienced some relaxing showers with their Coconut milk and Vanilla/Freesia/Lychee shower gel. Outside the shower, I also use their 3 in 1 cleansing emulsion (with milk proteines mmm) and the Bergamot Pear body milk. Man, I can go on all day if you don’t stop me. And if I could, I’d buy the whole store!

But if I’m not shopping for my own, I’m buying gifts for my loved ones. I love giving people something they’ll get to use and enjoy as much as I do. Plus: it’s Greek and so am I, so it’s like giving them a souvenir after a holiday, expect the store wasn’t in Greece but just in lovely Brussels, ha! The prices aren’t too high either, so you can easily buy a few products for the occassion.

Need that little extra to be convinced? Be sure to drop by the Brussels store:

Rollebeek 29,
1000 Brussels

Because celebrating is better with Magnum






There are days that require lots of congrats, good luck, let’s eat cake and celebrate… Today is such a day. I’m finishing off my last few hours at my current job, since I’ll be starting a new one as of next week. I brought home made cake for my colleagues (thanks again mom!) and I’ll be ‘doing rounds’ soon. I wish I’d brought my own Magnum creation though… Because I’m not the only one celebrating here… Magnum, probably world’s most famous ice cream, is blowing 25 candles this year. I joined in on the birthday fun at Salon du Chocolat in February and made my very own ice cream at the Magnum Dipping bar. Although I could choose between rose petals and all kinds of chocolate, I opted for a simple Magnum with milk chocolate, hazelnuts and vanilla chips to make it complete. My friend B on the other hand, made a beautiful pastel tinted creation with the craziest toppings on it.

It was delicious but enough. As was my job. It’s time for me to move on from my first work experience as a grownup. I know what I want (and especially don’t want) in a job and I can move on. But I’ll definitely never forget these past 4 months, the good and the bad.

Count your blessings





I’ve got somewhere to dress for and I’ve got no need to stress for. So I’ll always put my best forth… and count my blessings.

During a short but enjoyable lunch break in the sun yesterday, I realised life’s pretty great. I might not have that one Céline dream bag or another pair of Isabel Marant shoes but what I do have is just much more important. And I think we – especially girls – often forget how lucky we are. I, for example, have a happy & healthy family which I love. I’ve got some amazing girlfriends and although I might not usually like it, I’ve got a job that pays the bills. Sure, a new pair of shoes, a trip to an exotic destination or a lover would be great. But I can easily survive without those things… So instead of thinking negative and turning everything into a problem, go outside, soak up the sun… and count your blessings!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag