New Acquaintances



Ph by Ahmed Caliskan

Miracles happen in Brussels, which was proven again last Sunday. Mont des Arts was once again the place to be. The team and I were wandering around, enjoying an ice cream and shooting for the blog, when we bumped into these two guys. They asked us if we wanted to pose for their camera. Suspicious and shy, we stood against the wall and struck a pose. Little did we know, this would be the result. Let me introduce you to Ahmed Caliskan, Pharmacy student with Turkish roots that studied in Paris and is currently working in our little Belgium country. It’s always a pleasure to enlarge my network of talented people, so this new acquaintance was more than welcome. Who knows, you might see more of his work on the blog soon!

Meet Magritte in Maasmechelen Village





Weekends, days off, holidays… we need them in our lives (like, a lot). Besides lounging around the house, getting your tan on in the garden or crashing someone’s pool party, you could also enjoy a fun daytrip. A daytrip to… chic! That’s exactly what I did a few weekends ago. Woke up at a decent hour, rushed over to Brussels to hop on the bus. Direction? Maasmechelen Village, of course. A cosy village with big brands and even bigger discount prices, come to mamaaaa. But it wasn’t all about the shopping experience. MMV has a guest of honour – René Magritte – until August 15th and together they’re celebrating surrealism at its best. After a quick coup d’oeil in my favourite stores (Nike Factory Store, Sandro & Maje), I also checked out the Magritte pop-up shop. From iPhone cases and notebooks to cups and dinner plates, they’ve got it all. To complete the Magritte inspired weekend, I also (finally!) got to visit the actual museum in Brussels. I really loved his work but I didn’t get to see his most famous piece: Ceci n’est pas une pipe (The Treason of Images). I guess the next trip will be to L.A. and its County Museum of Art!

Baby daylight’s wasting





We don’t have forever… baby daylight’s wasting. You better kiss me, before our time is run out.

Time on earth is limited. I’ve been in my happy bubble the last week and I forgot about everything else. Sure, it was all fun & play but there are a few responsibilities I forget about. Once I’m back on track, all is good though. What have I been up to lately? The location of these pictures actually sums up most of it. Mont des Arts: home of René Magritte‘s museum which I recently visited. Brussels: despite every bad thing about it, my favourite city in Belgium. The city center: been hanging out there a lot lately ^^ The first picture was actually the end slide of the presentation I gave at the Fashionmania event in Hasselt last week. Let me fill you in on that later ;-)

Ph by Birgit Vrydag