The Backstage Pics


Instagram is all I think of lately. I decided to put more effort into the pictures I put on my account but I still want it to be instant, you know? Some pictures don’t make the cut, so that’s why I thought I’d share them here on the blog. I’ve been off work since Monday and that gave me a lot of time to work on the blog and do some research for my upcoming project, if I may call it that. I’ve been in some comfy outfits for most of the week but when I finally decide to get out of the house, I steal my dad’s shirts to dress up! On another not: I’ve been addicted to my new pieces of jewelry and… going to the gym! You might not see it but I sure feel it. Sore muscles or just that fit and motivated feeling, I sure got it! My I.Ma.Gi.N. ring and Smile bracelet have not left my wrist and finger since I bought them. What else happened? My friend Stephanie got a cute dog called Mia and Primark opened up in Brussels… but seeing those long lines in front of the store 2 days after the opening, I guess you already knew!

Give me a Zign







Ahh, Sunday… I can’t even enjoy you for a second. I’m about to go to work and as of tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying a 10 day break. Ironic, because it’s my last month at the airport. But oh well, it’ll give me time to enjoy other stuff. Like my new pair of Zign shoes, for example. They were quite the eyecatcher when I visited the big SNITT sale last week and although I usually don’t wear flats, I’m loving them too. Maybe it’s the pointy toe, the zipper trimmed sole or the lacqué material… whatever it is, it works! Granted, it’s a tad too cold in Belgium for these babies but I’ll be sporting them as soon as I can!

In love too? They’re available in black and red at Zalando!

Si tu as un rêve…


Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger. Tu verras que les gens incapables d’y arriver feront tout pour te décourager. Si tu veux vraiment quelque chose, t’as qu’à te battre, point-barre.

When I first spotted this Mya Bay bangle bracelet around Dogs & Dresses‘ wrist, I knew… I had to have it! ‘Si tu as un rêve, tu dois le protéger et te battre‘ is what it says, an excerpt of a quote in The Pursuit of Happiness (the 2006 Will & Jaden Smith movie). As I probably told you all a thousand times before, I’ve always been one to follow my dreams and do whatever to reach my goals. Okay, not whatever but you get the point, right? You can probably imagine how happy I was to receive the bracelet as an early Christmas gift! I’ve been wearing it ever since and I doubt it’ll ever leave my wrist.

Thank you so much Mya Bay & E. ^^