Got new gold



Press days – stock sales – the holidays. That’s mostly how it goes at the end of the year, say around November. I have enjoyed the first two and I bet that last one will be splendid as well. I scored some designer stuff at the ICON stocksale last weekend. A pair of Golden Goose sneaker, what whaaat. I always hated the brand and the looks people tried to pull off with the shoes. I won’t say I’ll be able to put together the perfect outfit but I have come to appreciate the sneakers in a different way. So, aren’t you curious to see how I’m going to style them? That makes two of us, because I have NO freaking clue! Luckily, I do have this Isabel Marant Étoile top I also managed to take home with me. A simple blue top tucked in my high waist jeans on one side and a pair of ankle boots, perfect look for a night out with the girls – or maybe that one boy ;-)?

Worker – Doer






Shirkers are red, Workers are blue. I’m loving this Lee sweater and so will you!

Last season, I was contemplating buying the famous Filles à Papa Courage sweater but I ended up not to. Too expensive? Too mainstream? Too lazy to go to the store? Whatever it was, I stopped thinking about it and thus stopped the wanting it. But then out of the blue – pun intendedLee turns 125 and Filles à Papa gets to make a capsule collection for the jeans brand. Helloooo indigo sweater, wanna come to mama!? That one, I couldn’t get off my mind. Not too pricy! Totally my colour! And above all: very eager to find this beauty. The search started bumpy but all of a sudden I remembered this Lee pop-up in Brussels! Called up my girl T and headed over as soon as we could. I’ve been workin’ this beauty ever since ;-)


Weekend Blog Awards (video)

Whoa, November has been busy up until now. Last week we had the press days in Antwerp, the H&M x Alexander Wang launch and most importantly the Weekend Blog Awards, hosted by Knack Weekend. I was nominated in the Fashion Category but I had some strong competitors so I knew my chances weren’t that high. Thank you for the votes nonetheless but I think the actual winners really deserved this one. Both Ruth and Nathaliegorgeous and above all hilarious bloggers behind The Merrymakers – have been managing a busy PR life and maintaining this cool blog, it was about time they got some credit for it!

My video accomplice Winny Man was there to capture every moment and yet again… she did an amazing job! THANK YOU WINNY <3