Make me your Aphrodite






Make me your Aphrodite. Make me your one and only but don’t make me your enemy

I’ve never been one to hide I have roots outside of Belgium but before I can even spell ‘I’m Greek‘, my name gives it away already. Having a name like this, has made various scenarios come to life. Questions like ‘Isn’t that a Goddess?‘, ‘Is Zeus your dad?‘ or ‘With an F or PH?’ have been asked repeatedly. But let me tell you this: I love my name! Jokes or no jokes, I honestly couldn’t care less. I can’t imagine my life without this name. And yes, as most girls, I have wondered about how I would name my children and I definitely would want them to have a Greek name. I even got two names in mind!

Besides having Afrodite as my name, I now get to sport it around in everyday life… on a sweater! This pretty cool piece is O’Rèn, a Belgian brand by two talented fellas from my neighbourhood. I was so excited about the whole Olympus collection and I freaked out when I saw that my name was used too! Thank you boys, I can’t wait for the Jeux de Mots collection!

Got new gold



Press days – stock sales – the holidays. That’s mostly how it goes at the end of the year, say around November. I have enjoyed the first two and I bet that last one will be splendid as well. I scored some designer stuff at the ICON stocksale last weekend. A pair of Golden Goose sneaker, what whaaat. I always hated the brand and the looks people tried to pull off with the shoes. I won’t say I’ll be able to put together the perfect outfit but I have come to appreciate the sneakers in a different way. So, aren’t you curious to see how I’m going to style them? That makes two of us, because I have NO freaking clue! Luckily, I do have this Isabel Marant Étoile top I also managed to take home with me. A simple blue top tucked in my high waist jeans on one side and a pair of ankle boots, perfect look for a night out with the girls – or maybe that one boy ;-)?

Worker – Doer






Shirkers are red, Workers are blue. I’m loving this Lee sweater and so will you!

Last season, I was contemplating buying the famous Filles à Papa Courage sweater but I ended up not to. Too expensive? Too mainstream? Too lazy to go to the store? Whatever it was, I stopped thinking about it and thus stopped the wanting it. But then out of the blue – pun intendedLee turns 125 and Filles à Papa gets to make a capsule collection for the jeans brand. Helloooo indigo sweater, wanna come to mama!? That one, I couldn’t get off my mind. Not too pricy! Totally my colour! And above all: very eager to find this beauty. The search started bumpy but all of a sudden I remembered this Lee pop-up in Brussels! Called up my girl T and headed over as soon as we could. I’ve been workin’ this beauty ever since ;-)