Count your blessings





I’ve got somewhere to dress for and I’ve got no need to stress for. So I’ll always put my best forth… and count my blessings.

During a short but enjoyable lunch break in the sun yesterday, I realised life’s pretty great. I might not have that one Céline dream bag or another pair of Isabel Marant shoes but what I do have is just much more important. And I think we – especially girls – often forget how lucky we are. I, for example, have a happy & healthy family which I love. I’ve got some amazing girlfriends and although I might not usually like it, I’ve got a job that pays the bills. Sure, a new pair of shoes, a trip to an exotic destination or a lover would be great. But I can easily survive without those things… So instead of thinking negative and turning everything into a problem, go outside, soak up the sun… and count your blessings!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag

Spring on my feet





Ahhh… I woke up with the sounds of birds in the background and sun on my face. Just the perfect way to start the day. Really loving this spring weather and my feet are too. I think I’m about to take these new babies out for a short walk! My NOSTALGIC lace up sandals are just the right amount of perfect, if you ask me <3

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind





Out of my mind or just fascinated with London’s concrete? Probably both. Every inch of London is fascinating, if you ask me. And I’m glad I got to share that with my friend B. Now I know I already had a birthday aftermath but I do have to mention my birthday one last time! Because this post unconsciously has birthday written on it… For starters, these pictures were taken in London, on B’s and my birthday weekend. Secondly, I’m wearing these Zara boots that my brother bought me for my birthday. How sweet is that? Brothers know best (although I might have given him a few hints). And last birthday related fact in these pics: the cute little evil eye necklace I got from B for my birthday.

Now let’s enjoy this sunny weekend. Wheter you’re about to go crazy or just keeping it laid-back… ENJOY!