Jet, Set… Go!








It’s been five months since I started working at the airport. So let’s say I’ve come across about 10 million passengers up to this point.  Each and every day, I check people in to their destination and wish them a pleasant flight while boarding at the gate. But never once have I thought to myself: why can’t I pack my bags and leave?

Here’s why. Because I am. I am packing my bags. I’m passed the Jet, currently busy with Set but I’ll definitely Go! Where to? That’s one secret I can’t reveal just yet. But I am and that’s the most important part. And leaving wouldn’t be logical without a proper suitcase (or two), now would it? I’ve always dreamtyes, I have – of owning a Samsonite Cosmolite because A. They’re prettier than the many suitcases I’ve come across and B. Quality above all! Plus, they come in different sizes and colors!

As they say: there are two sides of the same coin. So whoever wants quality, has to pay the price. Ha! Not much longer. Suitcase shopping is to be done in a village. A village with lots of happy people and lots of big sales. A little village called Designer Outlet Roermond, is what I mean. I scored my blood orange Cosmolite there and it happens to match my Phillip Lim bag perfectly! Leaving with an empty luggage? Who does that? Since you’re already surrounded by the many stores, might as well go shopping. New kicks chez Nike, a pair of trousers at Denham‘s and some Miu Miu sunnies to protect your pretty eyes. Done & done!

Not so close to the Netherlands as I am? Don’t worry, McArthur Glen Designer Outlets has got you covered! Spending the week in Athens? Drive over to Spata and combine your trip to the Zoo with a happy shopping destination. Are you rather down with Italian brands and wish to get out of Milan for a day? No problem at all: Serravalle to the rescue.

Spend the day in Rotterdam

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Hoi hoi! Excuse my Dutch, I’ve been to my ‘neighbours’ 3 times this month which makes me want to use my good old Dutch vocabulary from my days in Amsterdam. Nah, just kidding, I’m fine with Flemish for now. But I do love those Dutchies! Y’all know I’ve fallen for Amsterdam long time ago but it seems that Rotterdam is also very charming. It’s nothing like Amsterdam though… but it’s a very interesting city nonetheless. For those who haven’t been there and don’t really know what it’s like, I can tell you this: it’s a very new city because they had to rebuild most of it after the destruction in WWII. Architects and artists ‘took over’ the city and made it to what it is now. A city with lots of high buildings in weird shapes (those Cube houses!!!) and art in places you don’t expect.

My tour guide was the sweet Renee, whom I met at Marie Claire last year. She showed me around, talked about the city and since we had to catch up on a lot of stuff, we did that and boy did we have fun! I haven’t seen the whole city just yet but I’m sure we’ll reschedule for another tour. I can tell you this though: shopping is to be done at Imagine by Kim in the Pannekoekstraat and foodies should head over to Bazar for some amazing world food in Witte De Withstraat.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back Rotterdam!

She’d rather have a purse




Why give a b*tch your heart when she’d rather have a purse?

If two weeks ago, you told me, I’d be the proud owner of a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli medium bag, I would have laughed and said: ‘Yeah, right!’ But here we are… not laughing at all. In fact, I’m dead serious: I’M THE PROUD OWNER OF ONE GORGEOUS PASHLI BAG in nude/blood orange. Yes, I think I might have unconsciously made a deal with myself to buy a designer bag every year, around summertime. Is it the heat that makes me so delirious that I go and buy ridiculously beautiful (and expensive for most) bags?! Or am I just a shopaholic? Whatever it is… I’m still the owner of a Pashli bag. A PASHLI BAG, I said!