Off to Palma de Mallorca


¡Ayyyy dios mío! The day is finally here. I’m OFFFFF for 6 days to Palma de Mallorca. I’ve been working non-stop at horrible hours (but loving it nonetheless) so I really needed a break. I’ll be enjoying sea, sand and most definitely sun along 6 of my girlfriends. Ahhhh, can’t wait! I have a few posts lined up for you in the meantime and I most certainly will keep you updated make you jealous on Instagram.

Hasta luego mamacitas!

Addicted to Mistresses





Y’all know I’m a big fan of tv series (Devious Maids, Awkward, Pretty Little Liars,…) and I spent quite some time watching them. Some might even think where I evend find the time. Well, for series that get my full attention, I just make time! As did I for this newbie: Mistresses! I wasn’t completely convinced about the title at first but once you start… There’s no turning it off. The first few episodes were Vijf’s treat to me and my girls so we made a girl’s night out of it. Some bubbles, popcorn (I actually had a pack of yellow M&M’s, oops), dogs running around the house and my girls… I love those kind of nights! Although two out of five had already seen season 1, we enjoyed every minute of it. I was immediately hooked ever since. I just started season 2!

The fact that Alyssa Milano is one of the 4 main characters (and one heck of a mistress I might add!) was quite convincing. I loved her back in the Charmed days and I was hoping for a possible comeback. Well, here she is, better than ever. How gorgeous can a woman be! It’s like she hasn’t aged one bit. Besides Alyssa’s Savannah (Savi) performance, I’m in loooove with her sister Joss! The youngest of the group who goes through life by taking the wrong turn sometimes. Some sexy life lessons from Josslyn because we all learn as we go along. I’m not a big fan of Karen – okay maybe sometimes – but I do love April. Those crazy fire eyes, the fact that she’s too sweet for this world and her cute kiddo Lucy! Oh and the men… they’re cute too!!!

For those who are curious & wish to find out more, tune in on VIJF tonight at 22.25 for some sexy drama, all new series in Belgium!

Ready for the surprise?




I’ve teased you long enough lovelies… But you won’t have to wait any longer: tomorrow is the day! I can finally tell you what the secret project is… I’ve been waiting for over a year to go public with this project, so it’s also a relief for me to get it off my shoulders! I hope you’re going to like what I’ve got for you… A surprise with a capital S, I tell ya ;-)

Check your inbox, check Facebook, check Instagram, check Twitter… and be surprised!