Treat yo self




Spoiled brat! You might be thinking… Well, think again lovelies, because I’m everything but that. I’ve been raised to work for & go after things I want. And I’ve been doing exactly that since I was 15 years old. But up until this year, I never really enjoyed doing all that in the sense that I worked my but off for something specific and then the money was gone in an instant. This year on the other hand, I was able to work, save up, do & buy the things I wanted. It never felt so good to be able to do all that! Granted, some thought I wasn’t going to reach my goal because they thought I spent a lot. But that makes reaching a goal more attractive: proving people wrong! I bet the whole ‘YOLO‘ thing got old by this time but I’m a strong believer in doing things because you actually do live once. Why worry and deny yourself fun things? It all works out in the end… So just do it, go for it, buy it, do whatever makes you happy!

My latest treat: the iPhone 6 Plus. I know, it’s a lot of money. But I see it as an investment. I’ll be using it more for the blog but also for personal stuff. Instead of buying an iPad in addition to my iPhone 5 and a MacBook, I thought it was better to combine ‘a tablet’ and a smartphone. Do I regret buying it? Hell no! You’ve got to treat yo self from time to time ;-)

A good excuse to play forget







Let’s pretend we never met… A good excuse to play forget

I’m moving to a desert island and all I take with me is… a pair of dungarees! Like, seriously: how awesome is this piece of clothing? Whether it’s a boyfriend version or a skinny like the one I’m wearing here, I can’t help but feel several things at a time. For one, I feel like a kid again! No worries about putting together a complete look. Just a plain & simple tee or cropped top & a pair of heels will do. Secondly, I feel sexy! I bet you didn’t see that one coming… Women used to wear this overall piece to work in the factories during WWI and mechanics wore these to protect themselves. It might just be my two pair of fav dungarees, but they kind of make my bum look good! And third, there’s a variety of dungarees out there at the moment. You could walk out your place in a different overall each and every day if you’d like. Sign me up please!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag [Edited by Winny Man]

Zalando Blogger Awards 2014 (video)

Last week fashion loving Flanders got to enjoy the first ever edition of the Belgian Zalando Blogger Awards. After the Dutch version, us Belgian bloggers had the chance to win 3 awards: the Newcomer, People’s choice & Jury award. Paris, Texas welcomed us for drinks and yummy bites and some ex-schoolmates of mine were waiting for us in the darkroom to get our picture taken. Before the nominees were announced and the winners were given their pretty awesome award (+ shopping voucher!), we got a blog class by the lovely Yara & trends class by Belgian journalist Veerle Windels.

Then it was time to announce which pretty ladies got to go home with a rose gold coathanger + one year free Zalando shopping. Svea behind Les Folies des XX won the Newcomer Award. People’s choice went straight to An-Katrien of Teacups & Dresses. And last but certainly not least: my babe Paulien – a.k.a Polienne – snatched away the biggest price of them all: the JURY award! Handed over by Yara herself. Congrats girls!

Aftermovie by the talented Winny Man