We’re full of smiles







We’re full of smiles in the sun. Living in dreams that ain’t hardly begun. Night falls in the name of fun

Smiles all around! I’ve finally been able to wear my SAMMYdress skirt without freezing my legs off. I paired it with my new and beloved striped Mango sweater, a basic piece every girl should own. Add some cat sunnies, the beloved Deeny & Ozzy boots and a whole lot of wind… and you get this new outfit post. Again an amazing background, with the charming feature Brussels by water has to offer. Can’t wait for the Akenkaai to be transformed into Bruxelles les Bains again! Always fun to discover foods from different countries, sipping on some cocktails, enjoying the sun to the fullest… we’ll definitely be full of smiles this summer!

Sunday read: Illustration Now! Fashion





Granted not all of us are readers. I have certain periods in life where I can be swept away by a good book and read it out in like a day. This coffee table bookIllustration Now! FASHION – on the other hand, can keep me busy for a whole month! I’ve got the book by my bed and every now and then I just open it on a random page and discover new illustrators. I seem to have a preference for London and Paris based artists though. For example the amazing work by Nicole Jarecz or Alexandra Compain-Tissier. For me, an illustration has to look as real as it gets. The ink or paint used has to come to life and most of the illustrators manage to make this happen for me. I’d honestly want to blow some of the illustrations up and hang them around in the house, rather then to spend money on something abstract and less meaningful. When it comes to art, I like it to be fashion related. And fashion so happens to start with a piece of paper and a pencil. A sketch. An illustrationart!

Illustration Now! Fashion – Julius Wiedemann

Taschen Books

&Other Stories Antwerp





Hooray for us girls, halas for our bank accounts: &Other Stories hits A-town today! After having a handful of H&M and COS stores in Belgium, our little country has the honour to welcome the hottest new high street store out there. I’ve already gone shopping at &Other Stories Regent Street and I was immediately attracted by all things accessories and cosmetics. In Antwerp, it was all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love the clothes as well… but I’m not sure what they did to the shoes that made them so desirable. I bet the stores’ look has a lot to do with it. Located in the Korte Gasthuisstraat – just minutes away from the Meir – in a magnificent establishment, this shop couldn’t be any more perfect!

On top of that, we were given excellent service by the employees, who were immediately up to date about everything. I do appreciate people knowing the brand they work for! I bet they’re as proud as I am to have our very own &Other Stories shop. So ladies, you know what to do as of today: get your booties over to Antwerp and shop till you(r jaw gets sick of) drop(ping).

&Other Stories Antwerp

Korte Gasthuisstraat 17

Open as of 12 o’clock