Baby daylight’s wasting





We don’t have forever… baby daylight’s wasting. You better kiss me, before our time is run out.

Time on earth is limited. I’ve been in my happy bubble the last week and I forgot about everything else. Sure, it was all fun & play but there are a few responsibilities I forget about. Once I’m back on track, all is good though. What have I been up to lately? The location of these pictures actually sums up most of it. Mont des Arts: home of René Magritte‘s museum which I recently visited. Brussels: despite every bad thing about it, my favourite city in Belgium. The city center: been hanging out there a lot lately ^^ The first picture was actually the end slide of the presentation I gave at the Fashionmania event in Hasselt last week. Let me fill you in on that later ;-)

Ph by Birgit Vrydag

Stand out






Driven by the rythm like the beat of a heart. And I won’t stop until I start to stand out

Standing out as a (fashion) blogger is hard these days. I’m giving a presentation on my blog this Wednesday evening at the Fashionlab event organised by PXL Hasselt students and it made me wonder about all things blogosphere. What does it take to have a succesful blog? How do you start? What’s my blog story? I’ve been reminiscing about my first blogger days and trying to figure out what made me stand out. Honest answer: I have no clue! But I’ll figure it out by Wednesday, I promise. So if you’re curious to know all about it, be sure to drop by!

Ph by Birgit Vrydag

We’re full of smiles







We’re full of smiles in the sun. Living in dreams that ain’t hardly begun. Night falls in the name of fun

Smiles all around! I’ve finally been able to wear my SAMMYdress skirt without freezing my legs off. I paired it with my new and beloved striped Mango sweater, a basic piece every girl should own. Add some cat sunnies, the beloved Deeny & Ozzy boots and a whole lot of wind… and you get this new outfit post. Again an amazing background, with the charming feature Brussels by water has to offer. Can’t wait for the Akenkaai to be transformed into Bruxelles les Bains again! Always fun to discover foods from different countries, sipping on some cocktails, enjoying the sun to the fullest… we’ll definitely be full of smiles this summer!