24 hours in Amsterdam


Although I’ve lived in Amsterdam for about three months and I miss it like crazy, those 24 hours were enough for me last time. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it but since it all had to go so quickly (at least it did in my mind), it was kind of exhausting as well. So, what did I actually do in the Dutch capital, you may wonder? My fav fellow bloggers and Belgian press were picked up by a bus, driven all the way to Amsterdam, got checked in into the nicest hotel and then a cab dropped us of at another amazing location. Okay, let’s slow down… When I say nice hotel, I mean like NICE. The ANDAZ hotel is 5 star boutique hotel on the Prince’s canal (hello, perfect location!) with rooms that make you want to stay there forever. Walking into that room made me realise how lucky I am to be a blogger and to get these amazing opportunities.

Off to that other amazing location: Kasbank. After a delicious dinner with some wine and a lot of laughs, we were directed to our seats. The Björn Borg show was about to begin… And then there was Doutzen Kroes. Unfortunately, I only saw her back… but I did hear her voice and I was in the same room as she was, can I brag about that? Haha! The show went by so fast that I could hardly let the images sink in. I was a fan of the girls in their lingerie and see-through garments, those cool leggings and I kind of dig that pink tennis ensemble too! Oh and let’s not get into the male models… Nice casting they did there ;-) Afterwards, it was party time (amongst those same models!!) with my blogger babes and again, wine! Ah, perfect memories.

The day after was all about soaking up the city’s magic, grabbing a delicious lunch with the bloggers and meeting one of the Marie Claire interns for old time’s sake. And so, 24 hours went by crazy fast. See you soon Amsterdam <3

Birthday Aftermath


2013 was really my year. Not only because thirteen is my lucky number but also because of the many good things that happened to me. 2014 on the other hand, feels a lot more different. It’s sort of an ‘in between‘ year for me as some of you know what 2015 will mean for me. But regarding my birthday, this year was kind of awesome. I actually celebrated it for two weeks in a row with one of my bestest. Starting with a dinner at Houtsiplou where I got my awesome GoPro and heading off to London the next day. Besides some sightseeing, B and I also did a little partying. Which resulted in a major but above all hilarious hangover! The following days were all about preparing for our party on Friday and going to dinner with the family. A gorgeous bouquet of roses, two cakes and some Greek food later… it was time for our party. Bubbles, good music and a major surprise cake! Oh yeah, it was pretty fun. I won’t get into the details but let’s say, there were definitely some bruises and a big hangover present the next day. But isn’t that just proof that I had more than just fun? ;-)

London Birthday Weekend

Y’all probably know that London is one of my favourite cities. Obviously, I can’t go without visiting London for a year. So why not do exactly that… very early in 2014. Just a week before the AW14 shows are about to start at Somerset House and a few days before Birgit‘s and my birthday. Yes, we’ve celebrated (and are still celebrating) our 22nd birthday together. Same day, same age, same crazy gals. My GoPro was given to me right on time for London town and that’s why I decided to make this video. I tried to capture every fun moment we had and aside from the tons of pictures we took, this is just the perfect reminder of how much fun we had!

Happy 22nd Birthday to us!!!