Let’s spark a new flame


Come on, just, baby, try a new thing. And let’s spark a new flame

Another month has begun and I couldn’t be happier. Not only did August take forever to pass by but I’m also excited about the things happening come September! But let’s talk about the past first… What have I been doing? It may seem that my life is filled with fun events each and every day but I think that me hugging my pillow was the most common thing I did each day. Working at 4am isn’t that easy but I survived this far. I’ve been exhausted though but still trying to make the most fun out of every free day or hour I have left. For example: I visited the Royal Palace with friend B one day, my friends and I went for drinks at a pop up terrace in our village, I ate crêpes, moules and the best spaghetti in the world and I attended this goodbye party for a lovely colleague of mine. August was pretty fun!

As for september: it’ll be even more fun! I’ll be going to the seaside after work tomorrow since I’m off on Wednesday. I’ll be joining my girls there ^^ And from 12 to 18 september I’ll be enjoying la playa & el sol in Palma de Mallorca! Oh, I can’t wait, I’m in desperate need of a vacay. Last but surely not least… I’ll be unveiling the big surprise! STAY TUNED BABIES

See me running through the city, no obstacles






See me running through the city, no obstacles. No option two, one way to go

As most of the people around me know, I’m not afraid of the impossible. I get up, go to work to in order to follow my dreams, although I’m exhausted and I’d rather sleep for 5 days in a row. Despite all of that, I try to keep my social life high as possible whenever I do have the time. So you’ll still see me running through the city, my bae on one side, a few shopping bags on the other [insert oops here]. I see the obstacles on my path but I tend to overcome them by thinking: it’ll all be worth it very soon! God, do I sound gibberish to you? I’m so sorry I have to be so vague about a few stuff, I still need to keep some things quiet around here.

On another note: my blog is turning 5 years next week…. So watch this space!

Movie night: Bad Neighbours



Why wait for the weekend to do fun stuff? I seize every free moment I have to do something with friends and one of those things is going to the movies. This is mostly an evening activity to end a perfect day with nachos and dip, the way I like it. The latest Kinepolis visit I had was for Bad Neighbours. You say Zac Efron’s abs, I say: Where, when and can I touch them? Unfortunately, no 3D action went down but a lot of laughter did! Efron’s musical days are definitely over and I’ve been enjoying his skills ever since Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One.

But this movie right here, it’s different. I laughed so loud, my abs hurt. Not only did Seth Rogen do an amazing job at being his funny self, once again but Rose Byrne was quite the funny gal too. The movie is admittedly filthy - I’m a prude! – but the one-liners and hilarious scenes even it out. Although Zac’s abs looked ridiculously yummy, I was more team Rogen-Byrne because they were funny as hell.

For all the newbie momma bears out there, this is definitely for you. So leave your kid with the nanny and get your butt to the movies!