Sundays in East London

I hear the rain pouring down on my window pane and I can do nothing but think about where I was one week ago. I had the best sunday one can possibly have, filled with clothes, food, music and cool people surrounding me. Yep, sundays in East Londonespecially in Brick Lane – are the best! Brick lane is, for those of you who don’t know, filled with one vintage store after another and some cool boutiques in between. You might also encounter lots of multicultural smells of food and of course two bagel/beigel shops that are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We tried one of them and it was gooood!

What else? Oh, I finally found my bolo tie!!! That’s probably the only thing I bought that day. Oh wait, I totally forgot about another awesome shop we stopped by: the American Apparel Factory Outlet! We were just leaving when someone handed us a flyer of some other vintage store. On our way to that one, we accidentally bumped into the AA outlet. Our day couldn’t get any cooler! Nothing can top this sunday, I tell ya. Or maybe… waking up in the Sanderson hotel with a delicious breakfast in bed followed by a day of free shopping in Oxford Street…

What are you looking at?

1/ Fashion Street – 2/3/ Fashaddict, a cute shop with pretty clothes! – 4/ Smoothie galore – 5/ East London streetart – 6/7/8/ The Vintage Store London, where I bought my bolo tie – 9/ Elien sipping on her smoothie while vintage shopping – 10/ Isabel and Converse, how we roll – 11/ The Lazy Ones, awesome shop! – 12/ Man randomly playing the piano in a second-hand furniture store – 13/ Some more streetart in Brick Lane – 14/ Funny Brick Lane coffee shop – 15/ East London streetart

London times • Thanks to Eurostar!

My homie Elien sipping on some cocktail like she always does!

A week ago, I was in Shoreditch, eating the spiciest chicken soup ever together with Elien and Kim. It was the perfect end of a tiring day, which started at 6 o’clock for me. I got on the Eurostarmillion thanks again you guys – at 8 and arrived at 9 am, London time. I hailed a taxi that got me at the Sanderson hotel, where the girls had stayed for an event I unfortunately had to miss. I had a delicious breakfast with the girls in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in! It was the start of a hectic first day.

Somerset House was first on the list, where we’d meet Alex. Unfortunately, busy fashion woman as she is, we missed her. Back to the Sanderson, where a taxi was waiting for us to bring us to the Pinko Uniqueness event. A lovely collection with lots of pastels and flamingos! Afterwards some checking out, checking in and especially dragging that overpacked suitcase across the city! But it was fun and I knew the following days would be too…

Stay tuned for more London adventures! And thanks again to Eurostar for making it all happen!

Belgian bloggers present: Bloggers Closet Sale

The time has come to smash that piggy bank on the floor and count those coins, because you’re going to need them! Together with nine other blogs, I’ll be organising a Bloggers Closet Sale in Antwerp next friday! Sounds fun, right?!

On the 28th of September, on Antwerp Fashion Night, the beautiful manor house Happaert in Antwerp will be transformed into a giant closet of different styles. Each and every blogger will be selling their clothes, shoes and other accessories from expensive goods to high street brands and of course some vintage! Prices will depend on the goodies and the blogger.

In between running through the house, fitting and buying, you can enjoy the fresh drinks provided to us by Tao and eat some delish mini cupcakes provided by Patty Cake. Thanks again for helping us make this event even more fun!

So once again all the details:

When? 28th of September at 5 o’clock

Where? Happaertstraat 21, Antwerp (side street Kammenstraat)


Be there or be square!