And when the music’s good, dance on the table

And when the music’s good, dance on the table… Add a bit of alcohol and some good friends and believe me, you’ll be dancing there alright! Haven’t we all?! Music (and alcohol) makes us do crazy/stupid things… but we’re young, wild and we should enjoy it to the fullest! I know I do from time to time. Not only by partying hard but also by blogging. Life as a blogger is pretty good. Now, after 3 years, I realised it even more! These pictures, for example, were taken at the launch of Les Cosmetiques Design Paris, of which I’ll tell you more in another post. I’ve got to give it to them: they chose one hell of a spot for the event. We walked in the room and the whole right side had the sunlight coming through the windows and the floor was filled with candles. Such a romantic feeling to just stand in the middle of it all. I posted two pictures on Instagram: 1 & 2! It’s always fun to be part of it all and to be able to share it with you guys!

Pictures taken by Kim, thanks!

I’m wearing: Vintage playsuit bought in Barcelona, Topshop boots, Stylescrapbook for Kipling bag

3 years The Fashion Folio – CLOSED!

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Hi there! After 3 years of picture taking, snack eating, photo editing, running around town… I’m still here, happy to be blogging for a wonderful crowd of readers and of course for my own. It all started out very innocent and I never had the intention – or better: I never saw the possibility – of it becoming what it is today. I have a lot of supporting people surrounding me and I have to thank them for doing so, for three years in a row! The person who helped me most is of course Christophe, who is editing the blog as I write this post! So thanks again to you and thank ALL of you for reading, commenting, liking, following and so on!

Words of appreciation and gratitude isn’t all you get… As you can see, I put the blog in another outfit and added some changes here and there, just because! I also teamed up with Vans to make two of you – girls only, sorry guys – very happy! I’m giving away two pairs of Vans boat shoes in yellow and red! And it’s actually very very simple!

  1. Write a comment with your name and shoe size
  2. Leave your email
  3. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin’ if you haven’t already
  4. Like Vans on Facebook
  5. Keep reading, commenting, liking, following and whatever you wish to do – except stealing my pictures, that would be naughty! :D

The giveaway closes the 13th of september, the day I return from yet another awesome 10 days with my girls in Barcelona!

Flowers, Lykke Li and hot weather: Pukkelpop

From being a festival newbie, to attending three of them… Talk about a fun summer! After Couleur Café and Tomorrowland, comes Pukkelpop. Thanks to s.Oliver, I did not only got to attend the festival – with sidechick Marijke – I also got to wear a beautiful summery dress! As I told you two months ago, it was a bit too long for me (shorty, over here!) so my mom fixed that problem. Combined with the prettiest flower headband I got from Elien, I felt like a princess in between sandy festival people. I guess it’s an understatement to say I got a few stares… The headband seemed to make me ‘special’, in an E.T. kind of way! But I like it and never took it off ^^

Wearing white to a festival is actually not the smartest move when you have mud, grass and sand all over the place. It was, au contraire, very light and fresh, perfect for the hot hot HOT weather we had that day! I do have to admit, I was kind of disappointed about the whole thing. Tomorrowland made such a good impression and Pukkelpop just failed to do so… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the artists and their performance but it was just too much, too close to each other and okay, maybe it was just a bit too hot! I enjoyed watching Two Door Cinema Club, Jamie Woon, Sam Sparro and of course Lykke Li!