Light sleeper, heavy dreamer

Pics by the gorgeous and always charming Elien that I hope to see soon again!

Another day, another outfit, work-bound that is… I can’t wear jeans nor shorts nooooor sneakers! Those last two are like my trademark or something! So I wear chinos and skirts instead. This is a quick look I threw together to sit in a hot car for yet another day – hot because I accidentally turned off the AC. But there was one thing that made my day: having lunch with my favorite guuuurl, E! We had lunch at Barnini –  two bagels, OC style b$tch – and had a quick look for a MBMJ bag afterwards. In between, we shot some pictures, which I actually wasn’t expecting, hence the oh so boring outfit! Tomorrow I have a day off, because s.Oliver is sending me to Pukkelpop! I’m wearing a gorgeous white dress they offered me and I’m totally going to rock that thaaaaang! Pics coming sooooon!

I’m wearing Mango tee, AA skirt, random gladiator sandals and bag

Current obsession

Just to break the awkward silence from my side, here’s another quick post. Like every girl, I have different phases regarding to clothing and accessories. My latest obsession? Sunnies! I got my first pair two years ago, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and I wasn’t really looking for other sunglasses… Until all of a sudden, I realised I started to own a small collection of them. The vintage Persols on their right are a gift by my cousin. She has these boxes full of memories (literally) and jewelry en when I visit het, we tend to look into them and the sweet person as she is, she always gives me something to go home with. The last time I was there, she said I could have this pair of sunnies. I was so happy because a few months earlier I was walking in and out of every store to find an exact same pair by Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Oh and there you have my favorite pair of the moment: some Spitfire sunnies I bought in South Africa. I love wearing them so much but they’re quite fragile so I have to be careful! On their right: some hippie glasses from C&A, I got them when I was at their fashion show in Düsseldorf last summer. Eventually we have my second favorite pair: the baby blue Jims by Johnny Loco! Such a beautiful shape, an awesome color and the quality is really good! I wore them on my second day at Tomorrowland and they just made my outfit complete! Last but clearly not least: my third favorite pair of sunnies and also my second pair of Spitfires. I chose two dark shades which makes this really good when the sun is shining kind of heavy! Not everyone likes them though but who the f*ck cares about that :D?

Sunday inspiration

Nothing much on a sunday, except work… It’s hot outside, so enjoy it while you can! Happy sunday everyone ^^