Current obsession

Just to break the awkward silence from my side, here’s another quick post. Like every girl, I have different phases regarding to clothing and accessories. My latest obsession? Sunnies! I got my first pair two years ago, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and I wasn’t really looking for other sunglasses… Until all of a sudden, I realised I started to own a small collection of them. The vintage Persols on their right are a gift by my cousin. She has these boxes full of memories (literally) and jewelry en when I visit het, we tend to look into them and the sweet person as she is, she always gives me something to go home with. The last time I was there, she said I could have this pair of sunnies. I was so happy because a few months earlier I was walking in and out of every store to find an exact same pair by Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Oh and there you have my favorite pair of the moment: some Spitfire sunnies I bought in South Africa. I love wearing them so much but they’re quite fragile so I have to be careful! On their right: some hippie glasses from C&A, I got them when I was at their fashion show in Düsseldorf last summer. Eventually we have my second favorite pair: the baby blue Jims by Johnny Loco! Such a beautiful shape, an awesome color and the quality is really good! I wore them on my second day at Tomorrowland and they just made my outfit complete! Last but clearly not least: my third favorite pair of sunnies and also my second pair of Spitfires. I chose two dark shades which makes this really good when the sun is shining kind of heavy! Not everyone likes them though but who the f*ck cares about that :D?

Sunday inspiration

Nothing much on a sunday, except work… It’s hot outside, so enjoy it while you can! Happy sunday everyone ^^

In my mind, in my head, this is where we all came from

Two weeks have passed and I’m still in my festival mood. During my summer job – which requires me to drive around in Belgium, chilly willy – I listen to the radio more than ever. Every single time one of the most played Tomorrowland song comes up, I raise my hand (singular, since I need the other one to hold the wheel) like I did in front of the mainstage at Tomorrowland. Gosh, those three days went by so freakin fast and I wish I could do it all over again. Next year: combi ticket and Dreamville, for sure! I couldn’t really get drunk of Kriek (beer with the taste of cherries) but turns out, that wasn’t necessary… I was in such a weird mood, in my own world… The music, those beats.. They kind of sucked me into the whole thing. I was constantly dancing, singing and just having fun!

As for my outfits, I started off with my shoes. I wanted to wear three different pairs and I’d choose the outfit according to the shoe… My favorite one was the second day, I only have this pic from the back, because I wasn’t really busy taking pics of myself, but more from the stage and the people in front of it! God, I miss it so much!