Marlies & Johnny sitting in a tree… G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y! (CLOSED)

It was about time for a new giveaway, don’t you think? And not just SOME giveaway… Marlies Dekkers, Johnny Loco and me, myself and I have the pleasure to surprise you with a summer package! But first, read this…

Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch designer known for her infamous lingerie and beachwear, where lines and stripes play a huge role. Call it bondage or too much sexyness, but come on… We all know we, women, want to be sexy… everytime! I personally love a discrete Marlies Dekkers ‘cobweb’ popping out a a blouse! If half the celeb world is crazy about the goodies, we ought to be too! So, you can win a lovely bikini set by the one and only Marlies Dekkers!

But there’s more…

Johnny Loco, lost Barcelonan love, has a vision… ‘You can capture a perfect moment without killing the day’… Literally, you can! Because Johnny Loco, famous for his Dutch cargo cruisers and other awesome bikes, also does eyewear… And today, you can win a matchy matchy pair of sunglasses which I love so much! Behold: Jim, your new partner in crime!

The first summer month may almost be over but I’m sure there are still a few of you leaving the country! I am too, back to Barcelona baby!!! But anyway… What do I have to do, is probably the main question in your head right now?!

  1. Leave a comment with your name and tell me why this summer is so special and what it means to you. Even if it’s not special, it’s okay, I’ll take the pity comments :D Ha, just kidding kiddos ;-) For example, this summer is my CRAZY summer! Why? Because I’m doing lots of stuff I haven’t done before (drive-in movies, partying like crazy) and I also want to get a tattoo… So, crazy enough?
  2. Make sure you enter before August 2nd, the giveaway closes that day and I will announce the winner the next (August 3rd)!
  3. Tweet the following for more chance to win this awesome goodie bag: ‘Crazy summer giveaway by @thefashionfolio: check what   @marliesdekkers and #johnnyloco are up to!
  4. Like The Fashion Folio and Marlies Dekkers on Facebook!
  5. Be lucky!

May the best woman win!!!

P.S. If the bikini isn’t stocked in your size, Marlies Dekkers offers you the chance to pick out another one!

DIY Monday: Tie dye jeans

Today, I’ll be showing you how to tie dye your jeans. Of course, by now, you’ve probably found it elsewhere, but still… I thought it was fun to share this one with you! Let’s get those hands dirty!

Step 1: You’ll need a few things to make this DIY work! So look for a pair of jeans you’d like to give a second chance of showing that booty of yours! Fill a bucket with some water and add some whitener. The amount is up to you, I added quite a lot to make this work, but like I said: it’s up to you ;-) Next you’ll need a pair of plastic gloves because bleaching can be a b*tch! Grab a few elastics and keep following instructions….

Step 2: For a nice tie dye effect, putting the pants in a bucket with some whitener will not be enough. You’ll have to wrap the jeans in every way possible and secure those small parts with some elastics. Start at the bottom of your pants and wrap it all the way up! The places you can’t see, the whitener can’t reach. Are you getting excited already?

Step 3: It’s time for some action. You’ll have wrapped the jeans with a few elastics and put on those gloves already… So now, do it! Put those pants in that freakin’ bucket! :D Make sure they stay under, because they tend to float around… I filled another bucket with some water and put in on top to make sure it stays where it needs to be. Now leave them in there for as long as you want, as long as you like the result!

Step 4: After all the running back and forth to the bucket, you can finally take those pants out of the water, let them dry, maybe wash them first… and then you can flaunt them jeans, Isabel Marant style! I can not assure you it will go as quick as it seems but you’ll love the result! What I can tell you is that you have to choose a thick pair of jeans because the ones I’m wearing here are in fact jeggings, of which the fabric is not very strong… That results in a few holes here and there, hihi!

Have fun and let me know how it turns out ^^

South Africa diaries: land & sea

From helicopter tours to shark cage diving… We’ve done it all… Here’s my diary of two days spent in Cape Town, one on the land, one in the sea. Unfortunately for me, that last one didn’t really end well (read: seasick). Anyway, we saw the whole coastline when we travelled around with Richard, our guide/hotel driver. He told us several things about animals, places in South Africa and so on. Baboons for example, are very very dangerous. If we’d meet one along the way, we had to be careful. We did meet that one from the picture, but luckily not up close.

In between Richard’s fun facts and driving from one point to another, we had the time to visit a seal island in Hout Bay. Cutiespies, I tell ya! What else? Oh yeah, the jackass penguins! They were the last stop before heading back to the hotel. Funny little fellas ;-) Oh and we went up to Cape Point and down to Cape of Good Hope, so proud I can say I’ve been there. It’s nothing special really, besides the magnificent nature around you… Ah, South Africa, I do miss you!

Third day, shark day. I was afraid at first, but since my breakfast was having the urge to … well you know, I couldn’t be more happy to jump in that ice cold water. Now I know how Jack died in Titanic… Nah, just kidding, it was okay :D No sharks to be found in the water while we were in it, sadly… I saw them when I was on the boat, struggling to keep my balance. Quite surreal to see a shark, that’s one thing I can say…

And how are you doing? Planning a trip to the sun? Don’t shop for bikinis or sunglasses just yet, because I have a surprise!