Barcelona diaries: Locals

Lots of people are coming to Barcelona soon and told me they looked forward to reading my posts… Well, I have to say it put some kind of pressure on me! Unfortunately, I’ll have to disappoint you guys. The only thing I can offer is some random shots of my legs while eating breakfast, my feet in the sand, yummy food, the beach and some more yummy food… I wish I could give you some Barcelona hotspots but all I do is sit on the beach and burn so I haven’t got any time! No, just kidding, I could have the time but Catalans are a bit grumpy so I’m afraid to ask!

As for the shopping that I already did, don’t point your ‘shopaholic over here‘ fingers at me just yet… I bought one vintage playsuit, which is worn by my sister on the last picture, and 6 undies from Intimissimi because they were in promotion! So, no damage has been done but who knows… maybe it will be tonight!

Barcelona diaries: Beauty on the wall

So sad day 1 passed by so quick… I’m blogging in between showering and going for drinks but I love doing it. It’s fun to share my adventures with you guys so this trip to Barcelona is no exception! Today, I arrived around noon in the lovely city where my sister picked me up. I saw her appartment for the first time, which is A-MAZING! I love it so much here already! We went to eat a sandwich in the most famous sandwich bar in Barcelona and afterwards we headed to the beach to lay down and relax, take a plunge and get a tan…

Life’s good

Packing for Barcelona

I’m all packed and ready to leave… Well, not completely.. I’ve got to finish a 10 hour shift at work first, sleep 4 hours and leave to Charleroi Airport and then I’m totally ready to leave! These are the items I’m taking with me for my week in Barcelona. Can’t believe I’ll be sipping cocktails in Barceloneta tomorrow! Apparently, there’s a beach festival going on! I’ll be spending the week with my sister who lives there for the moment and I’m really excited to hang out with her!!!

I’ll be taking my laptop with me (which might cost me a few euros because it weighs too much) so I can blog for you guys almost every day!

Stay tuned lovelies ^^