Fashion Against Aids – The Giveaway! CLOSED

Tadaaaaa, I told you it was going to be good! A Fashion Against Aids giveaway: four accessories to give away around the world! Just put a comment below with your name, email and your ultimate travel destination and you might be the lucky winner! Watch the small video for more info ^^

The worldwide giveaway ends on April 10!

Like my picture pretty please ^^

Hey boys and girls! A small post just to ask you guys a favor: could you click on this link and like my picture? It’s the one you see above, taken at De Invasie in Gent where I was running around for some magazine stories! I got snapped by the lovely Karen from and there I am now: on Belmodo’s Facebook page! If I get the most likes, I could win a Black Balloon outfit. The girls behind the label studied at KASK and started their amazing brand right after graduating. I can assure you that their pieces are meant to be in my closet. Plus: one of the peeps liking the winning picture will win something as well!

Soooo… clicky clicky on the like button ^^ Thanks!

Between the drinks and subtle things

We are young, so let’s set the world on fire. A few phrases here and there of We Are Young by Fun… They suited these pictures pretty well: sun, fun and young, that’s like totally me! I’m in love with the army and lace combo. It’s one step higher than lace with a parka, don’t you think? I’ve been wanting to buy a lace dress for a while now but one day I had the urge to actually wear it. As stubborn as a 5 year old, I had to wear something in that genre, that exact same day. I found this Topshop dress in my sister’s closet that she wore like one time. Mixed it with some Converse shoes and my Army jacket. Camera bag as the big accessory… et voilà! The next day my sister texted me from Barcelona: When mom comes, give her that lace dress! Damn you :(

I’m wearing: Vintage army jacket, Topshop lace dress, American Apparel skirt, White Converses turned gray, Stylescrapbook for Kipling camera bag, Topshop skull earring