The 3 winners of the #FAA2012 giveaway…

h&m, fashion against aids, shana massy

I want you guys to know that I read every comment one by one without looking at the names and when I read Shana’s comment I was convinced she deserved a price with this giveaway! She chose Peru as her ultimate travel destination because she would want to help the people and especially the kids there. Obviously, Fashion Against Aids is all about helping people in one way or another: joining the battle against aids or providing fashion addicts with some pretty pieces! So that’s why you, Shana, will receive a pair of awesome sunnies and an iPhone case! Congrats ^^

fashion against aids, noressa souris, h&m

Ah the Philippines… Noressa hit a sensitive spot there! My boyfriend is half Filipino and I’ve been there once (the picture’s mine ^^) and I can assure you: this is where you want to be, as in right now! Beautiful landscapes, amazing blue waters, super friendly people and let’s not forget the colorful underwater world! I’m definitely going back there in a few years, with my diving license in the pocket! Then there’s Japan, the poor country that got hit by tsunami and is still struggling with the nuclear disaster. It doesn’t take away the magic of the city of Tokyo though… But I think there’s more to Japan then their capital. So I hope that both Noressa and I get there one day! Noressa gets a pair of feather earrings and an iPhone (or any smartphone will do) case!

fashion against aids, marijke peeters, h&m

Out of all the tropical and hot destinations, this one definitely stood out! Marijke chose the Eastern bloc countries as her ultimate travel destination and she wouldn’t go alone: she’d take a Volkswagen T1 together with some friends and drive all the way up to Eastern Europe to enjoy the nature – yes, it exists! – and the amazing history those countries have. Marijke’s entry earned her a beautiful bracelet and a black feather mask!

Oh and ladies: check you email!

New stuff over here

french connection sample sale, vero moda berlin, garage vintage store berlin, front row society,

vintage episode brussels, vintage garage store berlin, vero moda berlin, tit + the german kid collar necklace, fcuk sample sale, french connection, bow tie

h&m silver jacket, dior addict, lucky, riviera, incognito, fcuk romper

dior addict, lipstick, lucky, riviera, incognito, fcuk parka, abcdefg sweater jacket

According to most people shopping is my middle name but au contraire! I shop occasionally and only when in need! Okay, we’ve got to admit that needing clothes occurs quite a lot in a girl’s life. But when I shop a lot, it means I’m abroad or fate probably decided I should buy something, I’m talking serious shopping here. These items were partially bought in vintage shops in Berlin or at the FCUK Sample Sale in March. There’s this bow tie I bought in Episode in Brussels for only €4,50 – an offer I couldn’t refuse – and of course my Titi + The German Kid collar necklace that I scored at De Invasie in Gent. Then there’s the awesome fact that I’m a blogger that gets everything she wants… NOT (why do people even think that?!). No, what I do get sometimes is a few gifts here and there. The welcome back gift from Dior woke me up pretty good: the new Dior addict colors in both lipstick and nail polish (I’m wearing Riviera right now). Oh and did you notice the details on that last vintage ‘sweater jacket’? It has part of the alphabet on it. I was hesitating if buying it was worth it but when you’ve got an item of which you know nobody else will be wearing it with these kind of funny details, you know you have to buy it! So.. I did :D! Oh another rule on shopping abroad: don’t buy in shops you have at home. Ha yes, I broke my own rules. I just couldn’t let go of the H&M silver jacket and I wasn’t sure if we had it as well. When we stepped in Vero Moda for a friend, I was surprised by what I found. I couldn’t let go of the cute shirt and blouse! The shirt was on sale, so there you go: another offer you can never refuse!

I’m not a shopaholic… I swear!

Top 3 Blog Posts – March 2012

Number 1: Freepeople – April Catalog Sneak Peek

april catalog sneak peek, freepeople,

I discovered Freepeople via Instagram’s popular page. There’s no question about whether it belongs there, because believe me when I say it does. Everyday, Freepeople followers get pampered with the team’s daily outfits, new stuff in store and lots of stuff to crave for. Besides an Instagram account, they obviously have a web shop but also a blog. Here’s a post I picked out of their March archive because I liked it… a lot! It’s a sneak peek of their April catalog and I love it! It reads Ivy Sullivanthe best dressed actress on 90210 aka Gillian Zinser – all over it! Navajo prints, wavy dip dye hair and strappy sandals… gosh, let the summer begin! It’s also very Cali girl inspired, which makes me want to go there even more! Curious and wanting more? Click here to get some ^^

Number 2: Dogs & Dresses – Nice to meet you #2

Oh the sweet Elien! Not only is she so kind to mention me on the blog, but she’s also a kickass collage maker and I’m happy with what she made for me! Every now and then, Elien portrays two bloggers by making a collage about their style. This time she picked out the eccentric and always fashionable Kim and me of course!  She was totally right when she added the Willow sneakers, pastel loafers and American flag denim short. The sweater and shirt also match my style and although I think I’d never buy the Cambridge satchel in silver, I dig it a lot! The Elmo iPhone case is actually pretty funny, because I have a friend named Elmo :D! All in total, I love this collage very much and I can’t wait to see some other bloggers their collage seen through the eyes of Elien as well!

Number 3: Fellt – New York Video Diary

Discovering new blogs is hard sometimes but to make this post, I kind of feel obliged too. I love a lot of posts by fellow bloggers but I just know that you’ve already seen them and I can’t afford to bore you, now can I? This post is supposed to let you discover new things and blogs! So you might already know Jessica from Fellt. I absolutely love how she made this video: cool music, amazing setting – NYC, duuuh! – and fisheye lenses! So sweet that she made this video for those around her who haven’t been there. I’m also waiting for the day I book my ticket to the city that never sleeps! Jessica posts regularly about her fashion life = amazing outfits included! You should definitely check her out!