The Zara gift voucher goes to …

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This giveaway was a big succes and for that I’m glad! I’ve put a lot of work in this post and I’m glad you did not only like this because of the giveaway attached to it but also because of my hard work.  Anyway, congrats to Liesbeth who commented as the 10th person and won the giveaway through a random machine. It happens to come in very handy since she’s having job interviews soon!

Spend it wisely Liesbeth ^^ (and check your email!)

Step City Parade – Blog Parade N°1

My oh my, oh my! I didn’t expect to write a post on this today but I am now… I received a golden medal or in other words: the number one spot for Best Belgian (fashion) Blogger! How cool is that? Most of my fellow bloggers were by my side in the top ten so I’d like to congratulate them as well! I actually didn’t expect to be so close to number one… As for every blogger in the top 30: well done and congrats!!! It was fun to see the bloggers I already knew get a certain spot but I also discovered some new ones! Tomorrow Steps Magazine will be out with their special Fashion Issue where I’ll have a spot too. As for the picture above, let’s say this is a preview. I would have posted this outfit today but since this great news came up (and I haven’t got a lot of time) I’ll have to postpone it!

Thank you Steps City Magazine and you as well, dear readers!

Read the whole article here (in Dutch)

Top 3 blog posts: February 2012

Number 1: The Coveteur – Miroslava Duma

The Coveteur, Miroslava Duma, chanel backpack, timberland boots, fashion week packing, mira, harper's bazaar russia, buro247

All images courtesy of The Coveteur

If drooling over Russian’s shortest beauty Miroslava DumaMira for her friends – and her amazing looks wasn’t enough, The Coveteur brought us some more eye candy: her closet… on the move! It’s fun to see what former Harper’s Bazaar editor packs in her bags when travelling. First of all: no awkward pyjamas to be found whatsoever, but we do get to see her favorite pieces of the moment. In between same old Proenza and Christian, there are some oohs and aahs here and there, the Chanel backpack for example. I’ve already seen my fair share of backpacks on several blogs but never have I seen one I actually liked. Until now! Another surprising element in the pictures: a pair of Timberland boots. Little miss tiny rarely gets photographed without a pair of high heels, so it comes as a surprise that she owns a pair of flat Timberlands. I can already imagine how cute she’d look in them.

Number 2: Song of Style: Levi’s Curve ID x Aimee Song

Have you ever thought about how a blogger is in real life? How she speaks, what she’s actually like? I’ve visited Aimee Song‘s blog only a couple of times but I follow her on Instagram so I basically see what she’s wearing every day. I imagined her completely different and after seeing the videowhich is put together so good! – I thought it was great to share this with you. She looks so serious and reachless in her pictures while she’s in fact a super cool and down to earth person. She dances funny too! I also loved the video because I’ve been wanting to buy myself a Levi’s curve ID and I haven’t done it yet. After spotting Aimee with some, I know I definitely want a pair of my own. Conclusion: I loved this video and it put a smile on my face!

Number 3: Ella&Louise – Adding Personality To Your Closet

Ella & Louise, Adding Personality To Your Closet, note to sarah, note to self, shoe closet, closet reorganization

bowls, Ella & Louise, Adding Personality To Your Closet, appartment therapy, the aestate, jewelry, stacking, organization, closet

Images courtesy of Note to Sarah, The Aestate and Appartment Therapy

Some websites, pictures, graphic designs and typography can make my day. So did my favorite girls of Ella & Louise on a gloomy day, that was February 27. Pictures full of organized (shoe) closets, ways to stack your magazines, bowls to put jewelry in… Girls, I just couldn’t get enough! This post came in very handy because I happen to be planning a closet reorganization myself! My closet is too small and the amount of clothes too big, same old story, am I right? Bowls for president is my favorite part of the post. Emily already inspired me to keep jewelry in small bowls but the idea never really saw my closet space… As for Don’t keep it in your closet, I used to do this. I’d put my shoes in between books and magazines on my book shelve. Since they were a bit too dirty sometimes, I stopped doing so. I’m kind of obliged to make more closet space so this post will definitely help. Of course this will serve as inspiration for my future dressing room – dream on, Afrodite – as well.