It’s not about the engine, it’s about the view

If you’d ask me what the craziest blogger event I ever attended was before the 31st of May? I’d say: ‘Gosh, I really don’t know… We’ve done so many fun and crazy things!’ That answer still counts but only after I’d say the following: ‘OH MY GOD, the chopper ride with Eastpak was soooo cool!’

Yes, my dear friends, I’ve had the most amazing day last Thursday… After we met up at Antwerp Groenplaats, we took a bike off to a secret location… After seeing the teaser, I knew we would be doing something up in the air… I originally thought Eastpak had reserved the best attractions on the Antwerp carnaval Sinksenfoor… But the question of the day was: When was the last time you did something for the first time? …. The Sinksenfoor? Been there, done that! One to the next one… Elien and I were biking and goofing around when we suddenly realised we were in the middle of the industrial site of Antwerp. This couldn’t be happening. I made a joke about us going fishing for shrimps but luckily that wasn’t the case. We stopped at Helimo Antwerp, where a cool chopper was waiting for us to departure on a 6 minute trip above the cityOh hello Sinksenfoor from up in the sky! Oh and the MAS! Aaaah and there’s my car! 

I saw everything from up in the sky. You really feel like a sort of God. I can only imagine how the pilot must feel! Afterwards, we were invited to eat dinner in a protected building, which was very charming! The food was delicious, our talks were hilarious and the end of the day came closer and closer… I had so much fun with my fellow bloggers and when we left the day got even better! We received our own Eastpak bag, from the first ever eco collection. There’s more: a fish eye camera and press kit were inside. More on that later ^^

Thanks again to Eastpak & ListenUp for making this day happen and thank you Tanguy, for being the always charming guide to the beloved city of Antwerp!

Do it like a dude… in a costume!

Hello my friends, I’m back in the game… with a small delay of one week to be precise. But hey, here I am, all classy and sh*t. You might need some this summer! Think hot summer dates, business trips or the cliché summer weddings where you have to score a girl in case you didn’t already.

No need to worry for all the above, The Fashion Folio and Café Costume are here for you! This post is all about dressing classy yet casual and ready for any kind of occasion, all that in a costume with a few accessories. High performance, tropical fabrics is a collection for which Café Costume‘s Bruno Van Gils went on a hunt for fabrics and got inspired by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Apparently this dude suddenly set foot on Australian land back in 1642 and named it Tasmania. Finally, I know where that comes from! Café Costume decided to use Tasmanian wool in this collection which gives a very clear and vivid color result… Ain’t that puuuurfect for coming (hot) summer?

A few keywords on this awesome collection: hot model, earthy colors, preppy and a subtle mix and match of texture. I must say I like almost every silhouette but my favorites are New York, San Remo and Marrakech. Ties are so not the way to go lately… The bow tie or no tie are good substitutes and if you really want to go for casual class: suspenders! No nerdy situations anymore, believe me. Look at the pictures above and be inspired!

Anyway dudes, I know a costume isn’t something you buy everyday for a few euros… It’s a piece you should definitely invest in and I think here are some good ideas to find out what you like. I advise you to invest in two costumes: both warm and cold seasons need to be lived through in style and class!

Once in a lifetime experience

It’s over… The magazine is finished and Jilke and I are very very pleased with the result and all the reactions we had up until now. Oops, you didn’t see it? Well, here you go: DOUB Magazine – the online version! The title of this post has a double meaning. It has something to do with a very secret event that will happen tomorrow. Secret for both of us, trust me. The only thing I have, is this video…

When was the first time I did something for the first time? Well, I guess yesterday was such a moment. Yesterday, I finished a whole 80 page magazine with a friend… from scratch! Everything you see, is made by us: the text, most of the pictures, the DIY projects and of course the layout. That was a first timer for me! And I have to say: it was indeed a once in a lifetime experience… Well, at least up until now! You never know when there will be a second edition of DOUB!