ZONE Magazine – Bloggers over mode, shoppen en hun kleerkast

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On April 25, I got featured in ZONE Magazine, a free city magazine, together with fellow bloggers Annebeth and Immi. Unfortunately it’s in Dutch but in to put in a nutshell: I talk about how I wear lots of colors, how much time and effort I put in the blog and where I like to go shopping! I’m also very pleased with the fact they sent an actual photographer to take this lovely picture, instead of picking one from my blog. I secretly want to mail him to ask a few of my pictures! The article was made by my friend Julie Wijckmans, who’s also a journalist in the making at my school. You did a great job girl!

Magnum Pleasure Hunt in the City

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Oh summer, where art thou? Nowhere to be found, apparently… But what’s the rush when you can enjoy ice cream all year round? Yes, that’s right: I am a Magnum fan! With the new Magnum Infinity ice cream launching on the market and into our bellies (and maybe our thighs too :D?), they’re doing this Pleasure Hunt in the City. Six Belgian shopping cities will participate in this amazing day, with each their own blogger ambassador . There will be shops where you can get something free (a cupcake in Gent) or you can go shopping with some discount. I know it sounds fun, so you can already guess how happy I am to be part of it all. I am officially the Brussels ambassador for this project, together with the always charming Dorothée! Check out the Magnum website for more information about every city and their participating shops.

These are currently the shops participating in Brussels: Arbre Mandarine, Diesel, La Fabrika, Mr. Ego, Noë by Ketchup and Sarah Pacini.

So, will I be seeing you Saturday 19th in one of the shops?

H&M loves bloggers – FAA

FAA, h&m loves bloggers, fashion against aids, elise crombez,

FAA, h&m loves bloggers, fashion against aids, elise crombez,

FAA, h&m loves bloggers, fashion against aids, elise crombez,

FAA, h&m loves bloggers, fashion against aids, elise crombez,

H&M loves my blog… and what can I say? I love them! Last Thursday we got invited to the showroom to participate to the great Bloggers day. We had no clue of what was awaiting us, besides the Fashion Against Aids collection of course. After an amazingly delicious dinner, we got divided into several groups to attend workshops. I started at the beauty corner, where a make-up artist was waiting for us to show us how to apply your make-up correctly. He came in handy for a few tips and to make me up, hihi! What I learned: Touche éclat from YSL is necessary in my life + fluid eyeliner is a must! On to the next workshop: photography. Unfortunately, my questions couldn’t be answered, because they were too busy with someone else’s… Fortunately, I could help out Aline by modeling for her styling, the next workshop! I have to admit the clothes were pretty small and tight and I didn’t feel very comfy in them… But everything for my sweet little Aline (see her post here)! After that, I got to style my own outfit, which you can see in the pictures above. I actually took a few things because after the horrible view of me in those tiny clothes, I wasn’t in the mood! I did like the feather headband though! All in all, H&M did a great job at entertaining and re-educating us bloggers… They’re too sweet!

Oh and by the way, did you buy something from the Fashion Against Aids collection?