Magnum Pleasure Hunt – Ellis Gourmet Burger

Missing New York and those freshly baked burgers too much? Can’t stand being away of yummy beef topped with cheese, pickles and some ketchup… I’ve got the solution: Ellis Gourmet Burger! It’s right in the centre of Brussels and it’s as cosy as can be. As I told you earlier, I am the ambassador for the Magnum Pleasure hunt in Brussels city. I already listed a few participating shops but by now, that list has been made a bit longer. I jumped of joy when I heard that this place was also in the list. They’re also opening a new diner in Knokke next Tuesday!

On the 19th of May, Ellis Gourmet will offer Magnum Pleasure hunters a glass of bubbly champagne with your dinner. I seriously recommend this place and although I didn’t share any picture with an actual burger on it, I know they’re good. You’ll get to see more on that later by the way ^^ So after you’ve done some serious damage to your wallet, go and grab a bite over there. The polite waitor recommended me the Book burger and next time I stop by, I’ll definitely eat one.

My tummy is excited already!

Ellis Gourmet Burger

Place Sainte Catherine 4 – 1000 Brussels

su – mo – tu – wed                12u – 23u

thur – fri – sat                          12u – 24u

Who won the ZEB styling?

Busy and quite tiring times. School days of almost 13 hours, writing all the time and on top of that: editing a video! But I try to squeeze a little extra time for blogging in there as well. Here I am today, still up and blogging, placed 8th at the Weekend Blog Awards and announcing the winner of the ZEB Styling.

Since I find it hard to pick a winner sometimes, I decided to let another person choose: the Jilxinator, aka my best companion these days. She placed her finger on my computer screen while I scrolled it up and down and when she said stop… we both did and picked out the following name:

JOANA GREIMERS, congraaaaats!

You will get to see my place, be picked up together with me and we’ll enjoy a lovely evening full of shopping. You will be styled in a whole new outfit (or two) worth €300!

Heartbeats of excitement.

While my boyfriend is in surgery and I’m in between making a big task, preparing to get my ass to school and blogging, there’s some kind of tention surrounding me… Tonight is the night: my fellow bloggers and I will find out who won the one and only Weekend Blog Award. The sweet and super stylish A from FCUK gave me a few clothes to try on and to wear tonight. The first dress I tried on felt like… how should I put it? Love at first sight! I could seriously marry in that dress, I’m not kidding. So, I might wear it tonight… I might not. I don’t want to be overdressed. But you’ll definitely spot me in some FCUK prettiness.

And what about this outfit, you might be wondering? Well, I wore this to the H&M Bloggers Day two weeks ago. I finally showed those *best.bargain.ever* booties to the world: Isabel Marants Dicker boots for €100 only, in case you didn’t already know ^^ I bought the shirt in Berlin in March and I couldn’t be more happier with it. Oh, by the way.. I just received an email that the dresscode for tonight is casual… Damn it!