Win a styling worth €300 with me at ZEB!

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Hi everyone! The good news keeps on coming. Today, I get to announce a project I’m planning to do with the ZEB stores. I’ve known the family behind the shops very good and I’m extremely happy to be doing this. First of all, a small introduction about ZEB itself:

Luc Van Mol started the store back in 1993 in Aalst, Belgium. They focused mainly on jeans but 32 stores in Flanders later, they also offer other brands such as Pepe Jeans, Vero Moda, Tommy Hilfiger, Mexx, Vila, Only, Jack&Jones and recently also Noë and Mango. There’s always something for everyone, so it’s hard to leave the store emptyhanded. And the good news is: one of you won’t!

On May 10, I get to make one of you happy by restyling you with clothes from the ZEB Concept store in Turnhout. We get to pick out lots of stuff because the styling is worth €300! Isn’t that cooooool? I think so! On top of that, there will be a few surprises in store that day! We get to meet up at my house first – quick tour in The Fashion Folio headquarters – where we will be picked up by a ZEBmobile. That same car will bring you home safe after the event!

What you have to do:

Answer the following questions in an email to (Subject: ZEB Styling + What city you are from)

  1. How many stores does ZEB own in Flanders?
  2. Which brand do you want to see in stores?
  3. What would be another perfect location for a new ZEB store?

Like the following pages:

  1. ZEB fan page
  2. The Fashion Folio fan page

Et voilà, that’s it! You have until May 8 to participate and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other two days later!

Do it like a dude: Basics in the bag

Here I am with another post for you guys. This time I wanted to show you what I think is essential to put into your rucksack, satchel or any kind of bag you like, of course.

Smell like you mean it: If there’s one pet peeve we all have it’s smelly people. Some don’t even realise they need something to help them, perfume or deodorant in human language ^^ The Wood perfume by Dsquared is really good and I recommend them to you. I wanted to put the Armani Black Code first, but that would have been a bit cliché. As for a deodorant, you can choose any kind you like, as long as you just put on one! :-D Oh and a girl’s pet peeve is definitely a stinky breath and in my case you could use a pack of Trident Cinnamon gum, yummmyyy!

Go classic: The nautical stripes should be in every guy’s closet, no doubt. Pair it with some tortoise wayfarers and you’ll be a hottie in no time! Haha, just kidding, you have to do more than that! For example: pick your girl up on time. In order to do so, wear a simple Casio watch: easy to read and good on everyone’s arm. Some are also into bow ties lately – raises her hand – so it can’t be missing in your bag full of basics. Okay, I’d settle for a normal tie as well. You guys are so picky!

Invest: Do not only invest in quality clothing but also in gadgets like a DSLR, a good phone and a tablet, preferably an iPad (said the Apple fan girl). I know you guys go for handy and not pretty but do consider the Pantone cases for both iPad and iPhone. They come in every color and they’re hip and cool and… Well, all the things a guy wants to be these days!

Hotspots to come

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I’ve been bombarding you with Brussels hotspots every time and sadly that’s all I have to offer for the moment. I thought I’d spare you a trip to Bruselas and just give you a hint on what’s coming up: both on the blog and in DOUB Magazine (the magazine I’m making with a classmate/friend of mine: Jilke). Just a few more tips: foreign, quality, gadgets, yummy and original. Enough for now? Haha, wait until you see them and judge for yourself.

Happy wednesday & enjoy the new episode of New Girl, I know I will ^^

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