Heartbeats of excitement.

While my boyfriend is in surgery and I’m in between making a big task, preparing to get my ass to school and blogging, there’s some kind of tention surrounding me… Tonight is the night: my fellow bloggers and I will find out who won the one and only Weekend Blog Award. The sweet and super stylish A from FCUK gave me a few clothes to try on and to wear tonight. The first dress I tried on felt like… how should I put it? Love at first sight! I could seriously marry in that dress, I’m not kidding. So, I might wear it tonight… I might not. I don’t want to be overdressed. But you’ll definitely spot me in some FCUK prettiness.

And what about this outfit, you might be wondering? Well, I wore this to the H&M Bloggers Day two weeks ago. I finally showed those *best.bargain.ever* booties to the world: Isabel Marants Dicker boots for €100 only, in case you didn’t already know ^^ I bought the shirt in Berlin in March and I couldn’t be more happier with it. Oh, by the way.. I just received an email that the dresscode for tonight is casual… Damn it!

Dogs and Dresses – Bloggers in London (video)

Although our little London trip dates from two months ago, I didn’t expect to see this video pop up on Eline’s blog. Normally, little miss Dogs and Dresses is so punctual! After seeing the video and knowing what a busy bee (she’s a personal shopper y’all :D) she is, you understand what took her so long. I was actually studying some English vocubalary when a a blue tweety bird came to update me on her post! I have to say: you did a wonderful job girl! You captured the city and us in it in a fun way and wow, how convenient is that song?! I miss the city, can we go back? 

P.S. Sorry for posting features only… I’ve been quite busy with school and work and birthday parties! Life can’t be this hectic for a 20 year old, now can it?!

ZONE Magazine – Bloggers over mode, shoppen en hun kleerkast

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On April 25, I got featured in ZONE Magazine, a free city magazine, together with fellow bloggers Annebeth and Immi. Unfortunately it’s in Dutch but in to put in a nutshell: I talk about how I wear lots of colors, how much time and effort I put in the blog and where I like to go shopping! I’m also very pleased with the fact they sent an actual photographer to take this lovely picture, instead of picking one from my blog. I secretly want to mail him to ask a few of my pictures! The article was made by my friend Julie Wijckmans, who’s also a journalist in the making at my school. You did a great job girl!