Shopping and ice cream with Magnum and me!

Brussels, magnum pleasure hunt

Another day, another giveaway. In between busy times, I’m here to announce another fun thing: shopping with Magnum! As I already told you guys, the Magnum Pleasure Hunt in the City is right around the corner but I’m still looking for a shopping partner! That’s where YOU come in! Magnum is offering you a €100 gift voucher to shop in every participating store, so be quick and claim your Magnum shopping ticket with me, myself and I ^^

This is what you have to do:

1. Register on in order to receive your personal QR code. This will give you the discounts in every participating store.

2. Paste this code (the link) in the comment below, together with an item you’d really like to have at the moment. We might get the chance to score this on saturday!

3. Like The Fashion Folio and Magnum on Facebook.

To get an extra entry, just tweet “I’m joining the Magnum Pleasure Hunt in Brussels with @thefashionfolio”

This giveaway is open to Belgian readers only. The winner will be contacted this Friday (the event takes place on Saturday, so don’t hesitate to participate).

Bird’s nest – Incase

incase, bird's nest, serena vanderwoodsen, iphone cover, gossip girl, thisispublic, eva

incase, bird's nest, serena vanderwoodsen, iphone cover, gossip girl, thisispublic, eva

incase, bird's nest, serena vanderwoodsen, iphone cover, gossip girl, thisispublic, eva

incase, bird's nest, serena vanderwoodsen, iphone cover, gossip girl, thisispublic, eva

Every since the Gossip Girl producers gave Blake Lively – or better yet Serena Vanderwoodsen – an iPhone 4(s) to play around with, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful accessory around it. I thought I’d never find out where it was from, who made it, where the h*lllll they bought it. But guess what? I DID! During the press days, the lovely Puck showed off her Bird’s Nest snap case and I was surprised I finally found the answer I was looking for: Incase! That same evening, I posted it on Instagram and many of you commented on it, liked it and wanted it. Lucky as I am, I own two of those cases a few weeks later. My cousin brought back the white one from NYC and the lovely Eva, pr for Incase, send me one at home as well. We still have to meet up by the way ;-)

I’ve received a lot of compliments on the lovely case and I’m actually really happy with it? It’s even more fun to show off with my iPhone now ^^

Top 3 Blog Discoveries

Spicing things up a bit by changing the concept of this post. I discover blogs almost every day and instead of talking about one particular post, I thought I’d talk about the whole blog! So let me guide you into my shortlist of new favorite blogs…

Number 1: The Marant Philes

You say Marant, I say crazy in love. I never knew a designer that makes me crave for every – and I mean literally EVERY- thing in her collection. Isabel does that to people… She did it to me! Ahh, mais Isabel, c’est quoi ça?! I see her pieces every now and then but I don’t have to, because I now have The Marant Philes to provide me with Isabel’s designs every blogpost. It’s very inspiring to see stylish women all over the world wearing almost nothing but IM. Of course, it’s extra fun to see your own pieces between them (or your sister’s piece, hehe). Aliya, blogger behind this masterpiece, dedicates this blog to those, like herself, who love Isabel Marant’s label. She did a pretty good job! My favorite piece and biggest question mark on where the hell to find them: the tie die sneakers! #WANT

Number 2: Say Yes to Hoboken

Looking for DIY ideas, I stumbled upon this blog. Say Yes to Hoboken is a blog by Liz Stanley, a charming and fashionable mother who likes all things crafty. I love how she finds time to do everything: be a mother, DIY like a crazy person, be a wife and stay so pretty and fashionable while doing so. I have to know her secret asap. The blog is divided into four categories: stylish, crafty, pretty and tasty. Can you guess my two favorites? I hope you guessed crafty and tasty, because those two define me. Okay maybe the first one doesn’t cover the definition of me but you all know I’d like to DIY more! What I absolutely like about this blog is the fact that I can be read by so many women and not only the young bloggers. She makes me want to go back to the days I wished I could design people’s interior… Oh those ignorant days ^^

Number 3: Brussel’s Kitchen

Since I grew up in Brussels and in two villages just outside of it, I have this strange connection with the city. I hate its guts for most of the time but it sweeps me off my feet when I walk in those cosy little streets with beautiful old houses. And as I said in the previous text, I’m a foodie. I was born in a family of cooks and literally grew up in a restaurant, so I have all kinds of food in my blood, haha. My cousin and I even talked about running a restaurant together, just because we would know how to… and because we can’t get enough of yummy stuff. Brussel’s Kitchen is the perfect little guide to start your foodie tour in Brussels. As you can see, Ellis Gourmet Burger is also on it, but I’ve tried that one out already. I’m actually very curious about Strofilia, the Greek restaurant that doesn’t look cliché. Might have to get my ass over there and taste the delicious kouzina of my dear country.