Feiyue Giveaway – The Winner

Black Death, a documentary directed by Andre Christopher Ardiaca, traces the journey of the worldwide famous rock band “Black Death” and his lead singer, “Dude”, during their last 80s tour.
Back then, Black Death was at the top of its popularity until all the band members started disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The first to go was Paul Anton, the famous drummer, who died accidentally during a concert at Earls Court. Scott NicholsSebastien Jack and Pierce Mc Gill followed Paul Anton’s fate and died tragically one by one.
Discover the story of the group who influenced a whole generation.”

As you can see, the answers are all in the movie and I had the chance to choose a winner based on the answer that was the closest one to these deaths. Sarah Vandenbrande guessed that one of them (Sebastian Jack) would die while making love with Stacey, the groupie. So congrats, Sarah Vandenbrande!!! YOU WON!

Monday fact: Berlin is cool!

berlin, olympic stadium, fish eye, lessius mechelen, berlijn, school trip, hitler, world war two

It’s my first time ever in Berlin and I’ve got to say it’s a pretty cool city. It didn’t sweep me off my feet and make me want to live there (yet) but it did surprise me already. Walking, touring and biking around the city made me realise Berlin has got a little bit of everything. Sometimes it reminds me of Brussels, sometimes I see a bit of Rome… The fact that I’m wearing shades every day means that the sun is out, which makes this trip even better. *knocks on wood* What you can see here are a few snapshots of my friend and I and some places in Berlin: the Olympic stadium that was built when Hitler was ruling Germany, Tacheles and many more… Tomorrow we’re going to Checkpoint Charlie and we’re free afterwards, which means shopping and working on our magazine!

Guten Abend from Berlin!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I arrived in Berlin a couple of hours ago! Jilke and I are in a room together and I mist admit that the phrase girls will be girls is quite true. Shoes, shirts, collars, nail polish and make-up… we’ve got it all! Tomorrow is a busy day: we’re going to explore the city a bit and on sunday, we will do a Berlin by bike! I’ll try to post as often as I can.