Do it like a dude: Empty Memory

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What do you get when you combine craftsmanship with technology? Exactly what I was thinking: an incredibly well designed tech goodie. Yookyung Shin &Hanhsi Chen, two industrial designers, launched the Empty Memory: a design memory stick where technology becomes invisible. The pieces are almost jewelry pieces where you have to be careful with. Each stick has a physical emptiness in a structural form. The designers want you to fill in the space with your own memory! These babies are made out of high-quality 316 stainless steel and hand-polished by craftsmen.

A 4G Empty Memory will cost you around £48 here!

Feiyue Giveaway! (Closed)

The sun is out, so bare legs it is! What better way than to match those almost sunkissed legs with some Feiyue sneakers? I can make that match come true! I’m giving away a pair of Street Feiyues to one lucky winner. All you have to do is watch the trailer above and guess something. Here’s a bit more information:

Back in the 80s, André Christopher Ardiaca, a huge rock fan and filmmaker, decided to follow rock hit band Black Death for a year.  Willing to produce a tribute to the most important band of his generation, he finally ended being a privileged witness of the incredible tragedy the group was part of.

Paul Anton, the band’s famous drummer was the first one to go, dying suddenly during a concert at Earls Court. That was just the beginning of Black Death’s slope with the rest of the group members leaving this world one by one. Criminal inquiries lead to no conclusion and only Dude, the lead singer, seemed to be able to escape the tragic course.

Until the full documentary is revealed we invite you to check the “Black Death” teaser. Let your imagination go and let me know what could be the reasons for the rest of the band members to die. By entering the competition, you will have the chance to win a pair of Feiyue!

So, what could be the reason the other band members died? Let your imagination go wild and start guessing! No multiple choice with this giveaway, just pure fun and imagination!

Send me and email with your answer to

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The giveaway will end on March 28, the day I’ll post the whole movie!

Restricted for Belgium only, sorry guys!

Place to be: French Connection Sample Sale

For the boys, there’s also loads of stuff:

I’ve been in this place before: highly recommending you to visit the FCUK sample sale. Most of you guys wouldn’t listen… But I found just what I was looking for. Gorgeous quality pieces that weren’t even available in Belgian stores (some of them never even made it there) for a small price! Now imagine a living room full of clothes ranged in almost every color possible. Compared to the previous sample sale, this one reaches a bigger audience. You can not only find more pieces but obviously more colors as well. Think blue, pastels, earth colors, red and lots of prints! Since shooting pictures from clothes is a bit tricky without a real life model, I decided to take a lot of detail shots to trigger your little fashion minds. I can already give away that you’ll find pieces from 25 to 95 euro (maybe less, maybe more … depens on how lucky you are)!

French Connection Sample Sale

Cash only

Warandestraat 45, 1851 Humbeek

Thursday 15 March * 17 – 22h

Friday 16 March * 17 – 22h

Saturday 17 March * 10 – 18h

(Reminder: these pieces are sample sized)