Let me see you again

As a kid, I would watch one movie for over ten times. By watching it over and over again, I knew every single word of every scene. Growing older everything changed. There was less time and then there was the drastical change of the movie business. I remember the day I put a video in my VCR as it was yesterday. Now I watch digital stuff online. How crazy is that?! I miss those ‘watching videos at home’ times! Every now and then I stop and think: ‘Whoa, I’ve got to see that one movie again!‘. And I’m planning on doing so. Not only do these moments sporadically pop into my mind, some people tend to remind me of some of them. Yesterday, we played a game of charades with my boyfriend’s cousins. We had to guess the movie titles. Not only am I bad in guessing things, I’ve also missed out on some great movies. So after watching the movies you see above, I guess I have to catch up on some good old classics as well!

Have you ever seen these movies before?

  • Anies

    Ik heb Matilda tienduuuzend keer gezien. Ten Things I Hate About You heb ik ook 5 keer gezien op 2 dagen. Toen moest die terug naar de videotheek. heheh

  • Tessa

    You did me proud sister!

  • Merel

    en de serie The O.C. niet vergeten eh ;) x
    kweet nog da we samen het einde hadden gezien & da ge begon te blijten.. :p

  • S.

    Ik heb toen ik kind was -lang, voor er sprake was van digitale tv- Matilda ongeveer 7000 keer gezien op Canal+. Zou hem dringend nog eens moeten zien, wil wedden dat ik die nog woord voor woord mee kan zeggen :)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/ELN_B Elien B.

    Die van de Spice Girls vond ik echt geweldig! Echt meerdere malen mijn ouders indertijd overtuigd om die te huren :P
    Matilda heb ik ook super vaak gezien!