Sundays in East London

I hear the rain pouring down on my window pane and I can do nothing but think about where I was one week ago. I had the best sunday one can possibly have, filled with clothes, food, music and cool people surrounding me. Yep, sundays in East Londonespecially in Brick Lane – are the best! Brick lane is, for those of you who don’t know, filled with one vintage store after another and some cool boutiques in between. You might also encounter lots of multicultural smells of food and of course two bagel/beigel shops that are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We tried one of them and it was gooood!

What else? Oh, I finally found my bolo tie!!! That’s probably the only thing I bought that day. Oh wait, I totally forgot about another awesome shop we stopped by: the American Apparel Factory Outlet! We were just leaving when someone handed us a flyer of some other vintage store. On our way to that one, we accidentally bumped into the AA outlet. Our day couldn’t get any cooler! Nothing can top this sunday, I tell ya. Or maybe… waking up in the Sanderson hotel with a delicious breakfast in bed followed by a day of free shopping in Oxford Street…

What are you looking at?

1/ Fashion Street – 2/3/ Fashaddict, a cute shop with pretty clothes! – 4/ Smoothie galore – 5/ East London streetart – 6/7/8/ The Vintage Store London, where I bought my bolo tie – 9/ Elien sipping on her smoothie while vintage shopping – 10/ Isabel and Converse, how we roll – 11/ The Lazy Ones, awesome shop! – 12/ Man randomly playing the piano in a second-hand furniture store – 13/ Some more streetart in Brick Lane – 14/ Funny Brick Lane coffee shop – 15/ East London streetart

  • Paulien

    OMG, I reaaaaally wanna go there! Never been to East London before but it looks like my cup of tea ;-)
    Did you find something in those awesome vintage stores?

  • Insomnia

    Want to go tooo! London <3

  • Laurein

    ahah die coffee shop :) need to go to london ASAP

  • Krizia

    Ooh, how I miss London!
    Lovely pics, doll.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • Elien

    Awwhhh ik mis ons stadje zo hard! Ik ben ook net bezig met het schrijven van een post over MOST EPIC SUNDAY EVA.

  • Maya

    Ooh so wanted to go to Brick Lane too but I went to Greenwich instead (they have great vintage shops there too)
    Lovely photo’s!
    Archistas – Fashion and Architecture Blog