Fashion Against Aids

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It’s the time of the year again: H&M launches its Fashion Against Aids collection. The previous ones were already very succesful and could be spotted all over the festival scene and this time is no different. I’ve got to hand it to you: it makes sense. The clothes have the summer (and festival) vibe written all over them. This time, artists from all over the world were asked to create a collection for a good cause. Twentyfive procent will go directly to international organisations that are focused on the awareness of hiv/aids. So by making a fashion statement, they also want to let us stop and think a bit about this disease and what it does to people. I’m already very excited for this collection to come out, because it’s my first time going to a festival this year (Tomorrowland) and I’m also going to South-Africa. This collection has a bit of everything: colorful African decorations, folkloric Inuit designs from Greenland and of course many more. Imagine some dip dye, jeans, fringes and lots of Navajo prints. Oooh, sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

Now, I’ve got something for you as well. You can also participate in the whole thing by leaving a comment below with your email. You’ll receive a personal code with which you can Make out for a good cause. I’m not entirely kidding there. You can join the website, get a sneak peek of the entire collection and expand the community by sharing! You can also post pictures yourself! For every picture of you kissing somebody, $1 gets donated to a good cause. Now, who wants to be an early bird?

Also, don’t forget to come back in a few days, because there’s a nice surprise waiting for you!

  • Tessa

    mijn emailadres hebt ge hé <3 bij deze laat ik da hier achter!

  • Luis

    I’m in

  • Hannelore

    Wat een geniale actie, count me in!

  • babô

    i like the idea!

  • Inge

    Ik wil heel graag een sneak peeken! Geweldig initiatief :)

  • Birger

    Love it!

  • Mia

    Ca va etre terrible!!!