Monday Facts: 5 things about me

1. I don’t do jeans, but I wish I did

I hate wearing jeans because I don’t feel very comfortable in them. I prefer leggings, but they don’t give the same touch to an outfit like a real jean can do. I went jeans shopping with the boyfriend today – for him, not me – and I realised how awesome a pair of good jeans can be. I’m obviously craving a pair of my own now… The one I’m wearing in the picture is the only one that fits me like a glove but it’s my sister’s. Even though she didn’t take it with her to Barcelona, I still want a pair that I can call “mine”!

2. I used to have short hair (sorry Tessa)

There you go: you know a part of my hair’s famous history. Okay, not that famous. I quite liked it shorter too but I still prefer the way it is now: long + ombre! Maybe I didn’t have the right haircut at the right time. I used to be a bit more chubby back then and the shorter the hair, the chubbier the face. Well, at least in my case! As you can see, both my friend and I followed Anna Wintour‘s footsteps to the hairdresser. Not the same day and actually not planned. Tessa had had her hair done and I was in my ‘whattodowithpaperthinhair’-phase so I did the same. There we were: blonde and brunette in bob version!

3. I can’t get enough of shorts (and shoes)

I have to compensate the lack of long legged jeans in my life with the best invention in the world: shorts. I might be overreacting with the best invention in the world part, but you get the point. I wear them with everything, everywhere and everyday! Jeans, silk, cotton, blue, red, camel… I love me some in every textile and every color! I hope I can expand my tiny collection even more with time, because shorts are just a piece in my closet of which I’m sure I’ll wear a lot!

4. I’m an Apple kind of girl

The picture doesn’t really say a lot but you guys just know I’m an iPhone addict. Blogging is what I do best if I’m on my dear MacBook and so… I’m an Apple kind of (fan) girl. I’m also dreaming of having a giant ass iMac when I’m living on my own. I just don’t know which device I’d use the most. An iPad would be on my list as well, if I had an idea of what to do with it. I use my iPhone for almost everything and I can already imagine using the iPad for the same reasons and neglecting my iPhone… Ha, as if! I’m happy with my two big investments and if expanding the collection is possible one day, I might do so!

5. I wish I could travel more

Up until september 2010 I had hardly seen anything but Belgium and Greece. Every summer of my childhood, I spent in the land where my parents come from, the land where my name’s origin is from… my beloved country: Greece. All you haters stop whining… I can see why Greece is in this (failed) state, but that doesn’t take away the beauty it has to offer. Back to september 2010: I went to the Philippines for 3 weeks. I thought I’d seen some gorgeous places in the world, but this was just beyond… On the travelling agenda: Berlin, (Barcelona), (Amsterdam) and South-Africa. There are still a few places I’d definitely want to see, such as NYC, California, Indonesia, China and Japan! Russia seems very interesting as well and why not take a trip to South-America as well? Sigh…

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  • Brunette Blogging

    shortjes staan u echt keileuk! kweet ni wat het is, maar die staan mij keivaak niet :(

  • Aline

    Jij bent toch een cutie! Ik ben helemaal gek op jeans en ik snap niet waarom jij niet aan jeans doet! Probeer wat modelletjes van mij :) heb een bomvolle jeansafdeling :p haha!

  • Tessa

    oh my, k’ga flauwvallen. We zijn mooier nu!

  • Zoë

    Afro! Gewoon even dag zeggen en dat ik fan ben van u ombré (niet dat dat bobke niet tof was hé) ;) Filia!

  • Laurein

    Super fijn om te lezen, I get it met jeans. Ik koop het ook amper, het zit zoo slecht. Maar misschien zijn er gewoon geen goeie modellen bij h&m en co.
    Ik denk dat reizen gewoon moeilijk is met een studenten-budget en de tijd die je hebt. Ik zou het graag ook veel veel vaker doen. Zalig dat je geboorteland zo warm en mooi is, mijn tante heeft ook jaren in Israël gewoond en dan gingen we er ook zo vaak logeren. Heel andere sfeer als op hotel gaan :)

  • Krizia

    I love posts like these!
    And I’m still so jealous you’re going to South-Africa!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • Eline

    Je shortjes zijn de max, staat je keigoed :-) I’m a jeans kinda girl, ik draag (bijna) niets anders!

    Momenteel voer ik een onderzoek naar het verband tussen aankoopgedrag van kledij, en lezen van modeblogs. Willen jullie me helpen door mijn enquête in te vullen? Thanks! :-) –>

  • Stephanie

    koele jacket op eerste foto :) ma kdenk dak ze ni mooi vind op een jeans , ma kweetni want zie da ni voor mij e, ma keeiiiischoon op een short