Monday Wish: Berlin

You might be thinking: Oh lord, what has she done? Yes, okay, I did something crazy stupid with this wish list but it’s just because I thought it was so funny! I’m leaving for Berlin at the end of the week and I’m secretly hoping I can shop for a teeny tiny bit! I went to Episode in Brussels today and I wanted to buy so many things, but I can’t… Because for one: I’m saving up for South-Africa and secondly: I’m going to Berlin, where I’ll probably find tons of thrift goods! In the hopes of finding a pair of Superga sneakers, I threw them on the list as well. Sorry, pause. I just can’t help how funny those Berliner Bollen look on this wish list! As for the jeans – this one’s H&M – I’ve been looking for the perfect black pair. I haven’t tried on anything yet, but I might do so in Berlin. If luck is on my side, I hope to find a clear iPhone case as well! Shirts and a new hat are obviously always welcome in my closet! The thing that would definitely make my Berlin week complete is to eat at least one Berliner bol, that’s really all I’m asking for :D

  • Krizia

    Great, now I’m hungry! Those look so yummy!
    Enjoy Berlin!

    x Krizia

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  • Jennifer D.

    The wishlist is awesome! :D I love the boule de Berlins :D (looking at them as wel as eating them :p)
    The wishlist would form a very nice look! Love the orange of the shirt with the burgundy of the shoes!


    (hint: KATY PERRY)

    The White Studio

  • Stefanie

    The real ‘Boules de Berlin’ are not with pudding, but with something jelly/marmelade-ish, which makes them less delicious imo :(